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Karan Amin launches 010, an agency aimed at making short-form content

Amin, who was earlier the Creative Head at MediaMonks, talks about his new venture and what makes it different from the other players in the market

Karan Amin

Karan Amin, who was earlier the Creative Head at MediaMonks, has launched 010, an agency that focuses on making short-form content for brands. The agency follows a unique approach where they help brands tell ‘original’ stories within 10 seconds to grab the attention of the consumers in the new age.

Speaking about what pushed him to take the plunge, Amin explained that agencies do take up the task of making short-form content, however, most of the times the content is just a cut-down version of bigger brand films. This is not an original story. He says 010 will help brands make platform-first films and content. 

“For almost three to four years I have been seeing that everything is going digital or mobile-first. However, I felt a lot of advertisers were still not going for a platform-first approach, they were on a film first approach.  This was the same approach that existed 20 years ago. Agencies used to present a film to the brand and then discuss the other ideas tying to the film. As digital and YouTube came in, they started following the same methodology for YouTube. The only difference is that instead of putting it on TV, they are putting it on YouTube.” 

He said this way brands rather force audiences to view content and end up promoting their films instead of the brand. 010 wants to stay closer to how platforms deliver the videos and to make the brand’s storytelling effective in those formats. 

According to Amin, another advantage of having short-form content is that brands can target multiple TGs effectively. 

“If a brand is currently making a 40-second film the kind of budget that goes into filming it and the kind of media money (buying and planning) that goes into getting people to view those 40 seconds is huge. However, for a 5-10 second film the kind of budgets and media money is far more cost-effective,” he further explained. 

010 can work with clients of all sizes, however, it looks forward to helping start-ups and small businesses. The agency is eager to make original content for brands through mediums like Instagram Reels, GIFs, Memes that have a better reach and ensure better results. 

They have partnered with a few production houses based in Mumbai that will produce content for these short-format pieces. They also have plans to collaborate with influencers.

“My goals are to get clients who want to vibe with the idea of doing something within 0-10 seconds. The goal is to create a lot of fun and exciting content within 10 seconds. It can be much more than Reels, it can be a 5 second YouTube ad. I want to create as much content in the next 3-8 months as is possible,” he said.

010 is operating fully from the work from home mode as an organization, and this allows them to have employees from all over the country and the world, thus strengthening creativity. They also follow a No Monday policy- which can increase the week’s productivity according to Amin. He said with a four-day week, the chances of employees taking a bunk or having burnout are much less. 

The agency is also ready for collaborations with other advertising and digital agencies. He said traditional agencies and creative agencies have a lot on their plates. So, creating content for specific platforms can be daunting and that’s where they step in. While agencies can work on long films, 010 can make short format content that ties it to the format of the long film.

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