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^atom along with by The Network's agencies partners with Netflix for launch of The Witcher Season-2

The campaign was part of the global independent agency network’s partnership with the streaming platform to launch the show in 400 markets in five continents

by The Network, a global independent agency network, partnered with streaming platform Netflix to launch the second season of The Witcher series in 400 markets in five continents. 

The multi-channel campaign was the product of boundaryless network agencies - Mr Positive, ^atom, Founders, Mortier Brigade, Setters, and Boys & Girls.

The monster, Myriapod, will be seen crashing into screens, jumping over buildings, smashing glasses and giving a new dimension to 3D Digital OOH boards across major footfall areas in Italy, Thailand, NYC, Denmark and The Netherlands. 

The Bangkok, Thailand 3D installation is a 6,000 square feet augmented reality experience which aims to immerse viewers in the Witcher world.

Some other elements of the campaign include a 16-foot snow globe and a super interactive AR filter:


Per Pedersen, Founder at by The Network, said, "The ^atom network played a pivotal role in creating an attention grappling campaign for The Witcher Season Two. Especially the use of deep 3D LED screens can be attributed to the awesome team in India. " 

Yash Kulshresth, CCO at ^atom network, said, "This global campaign is an excellent example of by The Network's vision. The power of independent agencies working together is massive. We're proud to see these ideas Live with the ever-inspiring team of Per, Checha, Tanya, Mortier, Mr Positive, Setters, and Boys & Girls. It is just the beginning of a new-age global powerhouse." 


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