We are investing heavily in our regional side of the business: Manoj Jagyasi of Zee Media

The Chief Revenue Officer of Zee Media's Cluster 2, 3 and 24 Taas speaks about the growth of regional news channels of the network as well as their integration approach for brands

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We are investing heavily in our regional side of the business: Manoj Jagyasi of Zee Media

Manoj Jagyasi

The news genre is something everyone swore upon in the pandemic phase in order to be informed. What was also noticed is that the pandemic led to the healthy growth of regional channels across categories both from a viewership perspective as well as an advertising perspective.

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Speaking to about the growth of the cluster’s regional channels, Manoj Jagyasi, Chief Revenue Officer, Cluster 2, 3 and 24 Taas, said the news genre automatically brings a lot of versatility with it when it comes to integrations as it does not have to be created. “When we work with the clients, we work as brand custodians for them. Every client that you interact with, especially after Covid, wants to do something different with content. Gone are the days where you used to do normal integrations for brands. The process has evolved at the advertisers’ end also.”

Advertisers want to interact with the audiences in their language and this got them rethinking the kind of integration opportunities they can offer on their channels. “The regional market is growing very fast. We are investing heavily in our regional side of the business be it technology or innovation. The way we interact with the advertiser has also changed drastically,” he added.

Speaking about his expectations for the upcoming months, Jagyasi said the news genre is growing at the same speed as it was earlier and no degrowth is expected.

“People are doing revenge shopping, all the malls are packed, the increase in sales is phenomenal for retail brands,” he said.

To leverage this growth, the network has come up with hyperlocal solutions for clients. They are approaching stores and encouraging people to shop from retail stores through various promotions across the channels and their anchors. 

“It’s a double benefit for the retailers. While ensuring better ROI, we are promoting their businesses through the different sets of promos on our channels. On one side, we are pushing the audience to shop from the retailers and on the other side, we offer them different advertising solutions,” he explained.

Asked whether the pause on ratings for the news genre has affected them in anyways, Jagyasi said, “It may be a problem for the channels whose advertisers and viewers don’t have faith in them. We have our legacy and heritage which has been there for a long time. For us, it has not been an issue we are growing at double digits. We have a customer-first approach in whatever we do which helps us create solution-based integration ideas for clients.”

Zee Media Manoj Jagyasi