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Malaysia-based Instapay Technologies drove financial inclusion for migrant workers through digital marketing with help from Hiveminds

Malaysia is home to 3 million migrant labourers who rely on cash-transfer agents or money exchange. Paying salary in cash is a challenge too. By downloading the Instapay app, workers get an e-wallet and Instapay Mastercard that enable them to do all transactions remotely

Hiveminds, the digital specialist of Madison World, recently helped a Malaysia-based client Instapay Technologies to help migrant workers.

Malaysia is home to about three million migrant labourers who work in manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, construction, and also as household workers. These migrants are from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and the Philippines. Migrant workers are unbanked and as a result, they have to rely on cash-transfer agents or money exchange for making remittances to their families. At the same time, the employers from the industries also face the challenge of paying salary in cash.

To address this problem, Instapay Technologies Sdn Bhd, started Instapay app in May 2020. The company has an e-money licence with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and has teamed up with Mastercard to issue pre-paid cards that’s linked to the e-wallet.

By downloading the Instapay app, migrant workers get an e-wallet and Instapay Mastercard that enable them to do remittances, mobile recharges, and all transactions remotely, which is not only convenient and time-saving but also completely safe.

The company decided to aggressively use digital channels for acquiring both workers and employers, and the agency came up with a three-pronged strategy:

1.    Channel and medium selection

2.    Hyper-customisation of campaigns

3.    Retargeting and lead nurture

Channel selection: All campaigns were designed for two primary channels— Facebook and YouTube. Every community of workers has a few influencers or opinion leaders who influence the decision making of the group significantly. Through Facebook, Instapay reached the opinion leaders of all key worker communities and used them to increase brand and product awareness. They also engaged with employers through LinkedIn campaigns. 

Hyper-customisation: Migrant workers are only comfortable in their mother tongue and mostly engage with video formats. The app supports 10 languages; therefore, the marketing team treated every migrant community as unique and tailor made all creatives, landing pages, call centre staffing in the workers’ preferred languages.

They also ran campaigns for important festivals from home countries to capitalise all triggers for remittances.

Retargeting and lead nurture: Team maintained lead quality by ensuring contact ability, relevance, etc. All the non-converted leads were targeted through digital content, which gave them additional information regarding the product and kept them engaged.


*3,000-5,000 migrant families being brought to financial inclusion every month.

*200 new queries every day.

*50+ employers adopted the platform for salary payments to workers.

Rajnish Kumar, Founder and CEO of Instapay, said, “I am glad that we found the right agency partner in HiveMinds to launch and scale our product. Their expertise in digital channels, along with an understanding of consumer behaviour, has helped us reach our target audience with the right messaging. Together, we plan to launch Instapay in new South East Asian markets as well as other tech products in the coming months.”

The Covid-19 pandemic increased digital adoption across the socio-economic strata around the world. Initiatives like these can pave the way for innovation in healthcare and education for the labourers and other marginalised communities.

Jyothirmayee JT, Founder  and CEO, Hiveminds, said, “It has been a great experience working with Instapay Technologies as we empowered the migrant workers in Malaysia to do cashless transactions and easily send money home. I’m proud of the team and their achievement and look forward to further expansion in South East Asia.”

HiveMinds is a Bengaluru-based full service digital marketing company and consultancy with specialisation in search, display and programmatic buying. The agency also provides social media management, creative content, digital PR, analytics and strategic consulting. The company owns unique technology, tools and data analytics methodologies that enable it to deliver outstanding results to its clients. The company works with clients such as Domino’s, Nivea, Big Basket,, MobiKwik and many others. HiveMinds is a unit of Madison World, which through its 11 companies served last year, as many as 500 advertisers.

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