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Hamdard Laboratories launches campaign, encourages all to lead a healthy life

The ‘Sehat Hai to Watan Hai’ campaign urges people to be more mindful of their health and pursue a healthier lifestyle to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

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Unani brand Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) has launched a digital marketing campaign ‘Sehat Hai to Watan Hai’, to help people rejuvenate, restore and revitalise the lost energy.

The campaign urges people to be more mindful of their health and pursue a healthier lifestyle to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. A part of Hamdard’s ‘Healthy India Hamdard India’ initiative, this new campaign, in the form of a digital film, will be featured across social media platforms along with e-commerce and entertainment portals to engage with audience.

Aligned with Hamdard’s mission to spread awareness about the importance of health and wellness, the brand's latest campaign, #SehatHaiToWatanHai, is targeted at highlighting Hamdard’s commitment to holistic wellbeing. The company aims to help the nation heal and encourage fellow Indians to stay strong and lead a healthy life with realistic fitness goals, develop strong immunity, and sustain both physical and mental health.  urthermore, the campaign emphasises consuming products that are effective for maintaining good health and a strong immune system that is crucial in the current scenario.

Hamdard laboratories provided special offers on health checkups and medical consultations at all Hamdard Wellness centres and through online consultancy throughout the duration of the campaign. Patients going through recovery from post-Covid symptoms will also be able to get assistance at Hamdard’s Wellness centres under the #SehatHaiToWatanHai campaign.

Suman Varma, Chief Marketing Officer, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), said, “The situation in the country has been grim for a while. People are looking for strength, hope and commitment from people and institutions who can promise them a better, healthier nation. We felt this is the right time to showcase Hamdard’s commitment to the nation by being the first to say that while the battle with corona may still continue, Hamdard promises to heal the bodies that have gone through the energy sucking fight with the virus, through its own range of natural products. The heavy medication, the lack of oxygen and the strong doses of steroids have left people with damaged systems.

“To rejuvenate, restore and revitalise the lost energy. Hamdard is committing to bringing back Bharat Ki Taqat with its Unani medicine. #SehatHaiTohWatanHai is a call to the nation to work towards building a strong immune system, naturally.”


Brand: Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division)

Business team: Shariq Afaq , Abhishek Kumar

Agency & Production Company : M.O.M. (Mortals On Mission), Mumbai

Idea, Screenplay, Direction, Lyrics: Pranav Harihar Sharma

Producer: Darpan Trisal

Director(s) of Photography : Surya Chaturvedi & Various others

Director-Operations & Creative producer: Reena Oberoi

Music Director: Hanif Shaikh

Editor (Offline/Online/Grade/VFX): Protim Khound

Singer(s): Hanif Shaikh, Sharmistha Chatterjee, Rajiv Sundaresan, Zeno Rodricks

Sound Design: Zeno, Shubhankar

Sound Studio: Triumph


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