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We want to be a household name in the next few months: Karan Shroff of Unacademy

In an interaction with, the CMO of the online edutech platform talks about their latest campaign and their strategy ahead

Edutech platform Unacademy recently launched a film, celebrating their fifth anniversary and thanking their believers- students and educators. The two-minute, 30-second film titled 'Unacademy Believe' features the famous believer track and showcases the daily hustle of students along with the platform's achievements.

Speaking about the thought behind the film, Karan Shroff, CMO, Unacademy, said while they are celebrating their achievements of becoming the largest learning platform, they wanted to thank everyone involved with them in the journey. “One of the things that have stood out in this journey has been the partnerships and associations that we build. Most importantly, the kind of love and support we received from the learners. While we became the largest learning platform, for us it was always about learners and that's something that we wanted to imbibe in the video. This is why we showed the journey for children, from when they wake up to how classes go through to the exams to while communicating all the statistics.”


Shroff said the creative agency behind the film is Lowe Lintas and the media is handled by their internal social media and digital teams. He said the product has been performing well and their focus has always been on making quality education available to all. “We have India's top educators and tons of live and interactive classes that the students can learn from. The fact that these dots or these boxes are checked, I think, has been the reason we've been doing well. I think the fact that the quality of education and the accessibility that we bring along with the vision to democratise education is something that has helped us grow the last few years,” Shroff said.

Talking about their marketing plans ahead, he said they are working on a few other initiatives that will be released over the course of the year with a focus on television and digital for amplification. “We will also resume our campaigns whenever IPL resumes. We did have a few sets of creatives that were yet to be played in the second half of the league so those will also be resumed,” Shroff said. 


“We want to become a household name; we want to be a brand that is known in every single house. So I think that's the vision on the marketing front for the next maybe 12 to 24 months,” he added.

Asked do they manage to stay relevant in a competitive space with platforms like Vedantu and Upgrad also launching their films recently, he said although the thought process of every marketer is to stand out, they continue to stay focused on their learners and build campaigns from their perspective. “I think it's easier that way because as long as your focus is on the students, it gets easier to try and build communication. That has been our core priority and we'll continue to work on that.”

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