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Influencer marketing — Why it’s essential for businesses targeting millennials

The world of digital marketing has become as competitive and as difficult to penetrate as ever. This is largely because businesses understand that they need to be more present in these digital spaces if they are to be successful at what they do. It doesn’t matter if these brands are big or small. They all know that the real competition for market share is done online and none of them want to give up any advantage that they can get.

However, in this new age of digital media, the space is also quickly becoming incredibly oversaturated as brands try to push for their own narratives and campaigns online. Too many brands are indulging in self-promotion that it’s quickly becoming annoying to a lot of the consumers online. This is why brands have tried to rethink their approaches to digital marketing, particularly to millennials and those of the younger generation as they comprise most of the online market. Forbes magazine has said in an article that influencer marketing is becoming more and more prevalent than digital ads. Given that, why is it that more and more businesses are seeing the appeal of influencer marketing?

Ultimately, there are many incentives that are leading more and more brands to adopt influencer marketing as a tactic. When it comes to establishing or expanding an online presence, influencer marketing can help brands meet specific KPIs. This is a trend that is consistent in various industries covering food and beverage, fashion, hospitality, casino gambling, and more. For example, retailers can send influencers their products for them to review on their specific platforms. Another example is when casinos hold live events or tournaments that feature specific influencers. There are really so many possibilities when it comes to tapping influencers to boost a product or service. Even something as simple as having an influencer post about an online casino on their social media with a promo code for a signup can be really effective in driving traffic. There’s something so unique about using influencers as opposed to traditional celebrities for digital branding activations. A lot of big companies will pay big bucks to hire prominent celebs to promote their brands in traditional or print media. But when it comes to the online space, strategic influencers can be just as effective in helping companies meet their desired metrics. A well-placed Instagram post or YouTube video can help put an online casino on the map for a particular market.

One of the major reasons that brands are going to influencers now is that they are just able to build more trust with their audiences as opposed to brands selling themselves and engaging in self-promotion. It also seems a lot more organic and genuine when an influencer praises the quality of service or product that a particular brand provides. Aside from that, an influencer has the power to really expand a brand’s market. Most established brands will already have their solid fan base that they can always count on. But a lot of them will struggle with expanding their prospective audiences. By tapping into specific and strategic influencers, these brands would be able to tap into their audiences by extension.

A lot of branding has to do with digital positioning and reach. These are two resources that influencers are able to execute and provide fairly well. With a strong brand campaign through influencer marketing, brands will be given the chance to maximize the reach and power of these influencers. Aside from that, influencer marketing has a way of adding layers of depth and variance to a brand’s marketing strategies. Self-promotions can only go so far when you resort to them exclusively. Eventually, people will get tired of hearing brands talk about themselves all the time. This is why influencer marketing is so effective. It’s a refreshing way for brands to position themselves and communicate their brand pillars effectively to their respective communities. It’s an enrichment of their digital content strategies by incorporating the use of influencers into the mix.

But most importantly, influencers nowadays are great strategic allies in the world of branding and marketing. This is why companies are willing to invest so much of their funds into forming linkages with these influencers. It’s a huge boost to their brand cache to be able to work with these influencers . These kinds of winning partnerships aren’t just good for the brands and the influencers individually, it’s also good for the industry as a whole.

It doesn’t even matter if you have a struggling startup or a well-established corporate behemoth, everyone can stand to benefit from an effective influencer marketing campaign. It’s just about being able to choose an effective brand position and strategy while taking advantage of this valuable tool.

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