Rising Star: Tanmai Paul, Co-Founder, and CPO, Bolo Indya

Paul talks about what it takes to run a live-streaming platform and what goes behind in making a successful product for the end-user

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Rising Star: Tanmai Paul, Co-Founder, and CPO, Bolo Indya

Tanmai Paul

After pursuing her early education from Kanpur, Tanmai Paul completed her Bachelors from Delhi University. Paul was inquisitive and spent much of her time wondering how she could create something that can impact people’s lives positively and started her career in 2015 as a Digital Marketing Manager at Career Anna. She then moved on to Bobble AI, which is a Saif and Xiaomi-funded venture to lead their Content Marketing initiatives.

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At Bobble AI, Paul played a key role in increasing the share of female audience by over 120%. She also worked closely with the product team in enabling the platform to launch special women-focused AI stickers, which help the company to grow its overall content engagement by more than 37%. Paul then decided to join the Bolo Indya co-founding team to lead the product.

“I am someone who is driven by challenges, and the kind of learnings I am absorbing while building Bolo Indya is something I have always desired. Here I spend my time primarily on creating a seamless user journey, building hooks within the product to enhance user engagement and retention, and coming up with new features to bolster the micro-transactions on the platform. We’d launched live streaming capability on Bolo Indya in October 2020, and the journey could not have been more exciting ever since. Live streaming on Bolo Indya is driving the creator economy for the new middle class of creators driven by gamification of monetisation and active engagement between live streamers and their captive audiences,” said Paul.

She said starting live streaming on the platform was an exciting milestone. The team worked tirelessly to assemble a pan-entertainment platform that provides users with a wide variety of content, which is integrated with real-time gamification in a form of a gifting option where creators can be rewarded by their follower base based on the content quality, density, and engagement, she said.

“Starting from gifts to the redemption of gifts, I, along with my entire team, had spent much time groping our way out before settling on this model, which turned out to be great learning. I believe that a new platform may resort to all sorts of tricks to quickly lure in users, to retain them. We are also working towards bringing in more exciting features such as in-app games, chats, and much more.”

Paul says her journey at Bolo Indya has been full of excitement, joy, tears, hope, resilience, and is getting better every day. With the diverse demography that users of India bring to a social platform, it has been really intriguing to understand the behavioural aspects, the cultural preferences, and the expectations of users, she said.

“Building a live-streaming platform is like building a new social country and the experience has been overwhelming, where we are humbled with the love and trust shown by the users. It is not just data-driven decisions coupled with gamification when you build a live-streaming app for Indians. It needs to bring in the flavour of strong emotional and social connect among the users to make it a success. And so far in our journey, on the basis of retention and engagement we have seen from the users, we believe that we are moving ahead in the right direction.”

Her biggest achievements at Bolo Indya were introducing live streaming and introducing virtual gifting. Even since its soft launch of gifting on the platform in October 2020, the average earnings of top creators on the platform stand close to Rs 90,000, she stated.

“I am a detail-oriented person and appreciate having cultivated the ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture without losing sight of the smallest pieces of any product. This is something I love and do at Bolo Indya every day. My favourite part about my job is when I work day and night to bring a significant update to the app and seeing the tangible results of what was planned through users' responses. It is definitely the highlight of what I do and a bloody good reminder of why I love my job,” added Paul.

Paul said she admires industry leaders such as Kunal Shah, the brain behind FreeCharge and then CRED, as he is an incredibly inspiring man who has believed that ideas and innovation play a major role in entrepreneurship and excels in providing the best-in-class experience and services to end-users.

Asked what she would be doing if not the Co-Founder and CPO at Bolo Indya, Paul said she would have been a bartender as she makes great cocktails.

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