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ALTBalaji and Zee5’s drama series ‘Crashh’ has an unconventional storyline about family bonding

In lead cast are Kunj Anand, Aditi Sharma, Rohan Mehra and Anushka Sen. Kushal Zaveri is the director of the series

ALTBalaji and Zee5’s drama Crashh highlights the purity of family bond. Through the series, you are reminded of gratitude, family, love and ambition. The series is not just an entertaining watch but also one from which you can take a few lessons. 

This story was a very unconventional one. The story of Crashh is about four siblings who lose their parents in a car crash. The loss of family, especially one with whom you have a beautiful relationship, is extremely painful, and there starts the pain and suffering of these four young children. There's of course a certain amount of trauma that comes with such a sad incident. Their separation when they are adopted causes further pain.

Years later, the oldest sibling, who was never adopted, Kabir, played by Kunj Anand, goes searching for his long-lost siblings. Kajal, played by Aditi Sharma, was adopted by a mentally disturbed and clinically depressed woman who further adds to the emotional trauma in her life.

Rohan Mehra plays Rahim, who was taken in by a not so well-to-do family. Rahim has an insane passion and doesn’t lose sight of his dreams. Little Alia played by Anushka Sen is a spoiled brat. She is popular and feels like she has an image to maintain in the public eye.  Zain Imam plays the charming Rishabh, an accomplished surgeon. All the siblings, because they have been raised differently, grow into such different personalities. Somehow there is this bond that exists and continues to pull them together in different ways. Of course, they coming together wouldn’t be easy.

The cast makes everything look so effortless. Whether it is Alia’s “diva-ness” or Kabir’s emotional demeanour, it was all portrayed well. The series is directed by Kushal Zaveri.

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