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Actor-Entrepreneur Suniel Shetty collaborates with O2Cure

O2Cure provides air purification solutions that neutralise SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, from air and surfaces

(L-R) Kartik Singhal, Founder of O2Cure and Suniel Shetty

Bollywood actor, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Suniel Shetty enters into a strategic collaboration with O2Cure; an establishment under Zeco Aircon, to introduce their air purification product line to the Indian markets.

O2Cure provides RGF's (a US-based environmental design and manufacturing company) patented REME with PHI-Cell® technology that has been successfully tested by CCMB-CSIR virology lab in India for reduction of SARS-CoV2 by 97.48% and by Innovation Bio-Analysis lab in the USA for reduction of SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99% from air and surfaces. Their products also prevent other air contaminants like bacteria, viruses, germs, gases, particles, dust, pollen, and other hazardous pathogens.


O2Cure carry’s forward over three decades of work in R&D by their parent company Zeco Aircon in air management systems and the use of advanced testing equipment’s enables them to meet the growing need for air filtration solutions for both corporate &individual consumers. The brand is also planning to introduce a new product line in the market that will focus on countering all types of air pollutants from indoor and outdoor air and surfaces. The future growth expected by O2Cure is a 20-25% year-on-year growth in terms of revenue which is in light to the demand witnessed for their current product line. O2 Cure products and technology focus on neutralising viruses, bacteria, PM levels, microbial, thereby reducing cross-contamination and making indoor air healthier to breathe.  

Commenting on the launch, Shetty said, “I felt a sense of security and honesty when I came across O2Cure products. Unlike other air purifier brands in the market, these products are really helpful in not only controlling airborne diseases but also neutralising the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) up to 99%.”


He further said, “Also, team O2 Cure’s motivation and commitment towards providing the society with a solution to fight the deadly virus was inspiring. Their special expertise and focus on R&D has today enabled them to offer solutions such as these, designed to offer us the much-needed sense of security as our lives move back to normalcy. I am pretty hopeful that this collaboration will lead to changing people’s lives for good and bringing a sense of safety around their environment”

Kartik Singhal, Founder of O2Cure, commented, “We are pretty excited to have Suniell in our team and feel that with his inclusion the team strength has grown multifold. Anna brings with him years of experience in the media & entertainment industry & has created several successful brands and we are certainly looking to capitalize on this as a business. We are hopeful to push O2Cure not just as a brand that can neutralise SARS-CoV-2 virus but as a necessity to your homes.”


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