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Httpool eyes new markets with acquisitions and fresh investments, says Sunny Nagpal

In a conversation with, Nagpal, Co-founder and Regional Managing Director of Httpool APAC, shares the company’s growth roadmap. He talks about the acquisitions and greenfield investments the company plans to make

Sunny Nagpal

Httpool, a leading digital and performance marketing company, plans to expand into new markets by making fresh investments and acquisitions as it looks to build new partnerships across the globe.

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The UK-headquartered company currently supports the growth of media platforms across Europe and Asia as well as drives business results for traditional and native advertisers across over 30 markets.

Talking about the growth plans of the 10-year-old company,  Sunny Nagpal, Co-founder and Regional Managing Director of Httpool APAC, said,  “We have seen almost a month-on-month growth until we hit a wall against during Covid-19 times, but overall it's been mostly positive and we have been doing exceptionally well over the last decade.”

In terms of percentage, from 2018-19 in India, the company grew about 60-70% and was looking at significant growth opportunities to keep the same trajectory. Nagpal said that the company is still growing over the last year but not as planned for 2020 as the entire macro situation is down due to the coronavirus-induced crisis.

However, as a region in Asia, Httpool still expects to register close to 60-70% growth over the previous year.

“We have grown as a group by close to 15-20 times in the last three years. Such growth is a significant achievement and testifies our approach, fundamentals, position, and relevance in the market and the ecosystem. This year we had to re-look at targets, programmes, business ambitions considering the entire Covid situation in mind. We may not double last year's revenue, but we will grow significantly,” Nagpal said.

Httpool has plans to expand to new markets either through acquisitions or investments to widen its presence. The company is continually looking to build new partnerships within the global and regional markets.

In India, the company will add more global partnerships to represent them in the Indian market and increase its product portfolio and offerings to local agencies and advertisers.

“Even in the region and globally, we are expanding ourselves to more markets with the same partnerships. Most of our global partners want to go to additional markets in Asia and other countries as well. We are continually expanding by opening new offices and extending our offerings to the local ecosystem there. We will consolidate our position and ensure it is at the number one position everywhere,” Nagpal said.

The company represents over 20 media platforms in more than 45 countries worldwide. “Today, together with our corporate company IMS, we represent Facebook in 11 countries, Twitter in almost 40 markets, LinkedIn in about 20, Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok in many other markets. You pick any of the top 20 apps, and we are representing them in some market or the other across both the hemispheres. This is quite a significant achievement, as has been the journey so far, which was mostly positive,” Nagpal said.

India is a regional office for all APAC expansions with Httpool’s regional leadership already being present in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Over time, the company will extend its presence in other metros as well. “We may have gone ahead and opened a couple of different offices this year, but looking at the macro situation, we would defer that plan to next year,” said Nagpal.

He said the local brands are looking up to the company to bring the newest of advertising opportunities to them. Now with ready infrastructures in demographics, it will be easier to provide access to local markets.

The company is working towards adding the SMB business line and support systems. “We are focusing and investing significantly in building proprietary technology to support the small and medium businesses, to allow them to advertise on large global digital media platforms,” said Nagpal.

“If we look at the industry, the ecosystem, and our positioning, we have done some excellent work in the past years that has rewarded us with the growth we have achieved today. Today we are the world's number one player in our type of business. Even in Asia, we are the largest, and so are we in India in terms of sheer size and presence,” said Nagpal.

He said the company’s focus initially was to try and exist in the market in a very complementarily position with all global media networks. Over a while, they realised that the offerings are going to be extremely important as the market evolves.

Speaking on the impact of Covid-19 in business, Nagpal said, “The initial period of lockdown was quite challenging, we had an impact and felt the macro-challenges. The entire macro perspective of the advertising industry had received a hit.”

“We stepped up to that challenge and started delivering even more. Our teams fared well in picking up the mandate and adjusting the working style and then supporting all the brands we worked with and carrying out all the partner commitments that entrusted us with their mandates,” he said.

According to Nagpal, there is not going to be any pre-Covid time again. This is a time that has left quite a unique impression on everything, and few things have changed forever, for example the consumption patterns. Brands and agencies need to assume this new reality and focus on adjusting and delivering expectations. It's a different landscape altogether.

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