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Kinetic Worldwide launches IOM, an OOH planning tool

With understanding across important touchpoints leveraging mobility across air, rail and road, IOM will provide customised mapping solution to clients

A leading player in the out-of-home (OOH) media industry, GroupM’s Kinetic Worldwide, has announced the launch of India On The Move (IOM), a proprietary tool developed fully in-house to help understand audience traffic patterns.

Kinetic India’s IOM will help drive sharper audience targeting, thus minimising spill-over. With the capability of providing detailed understanding across important impacts on the basis of key routes and touchpoints leveraging mobility across air, rail and road, IOM will provide customised mapping solution for clients and partners with outline of audience aggregation across geographies.

Ajay Mehta

Ajay Mehta, Managing Director of Kinetic India, said, “The current situation is a revolutionary trendsetter for the way media is consumed across the globe, breaking all the pre-existing norms. For the OOH industry, the key lies in mapping the current consumer behaviour with what brands have to offer and chalking out a plan after lockdown in the new normal. Analytics is expected to play a key role in optimising investments for OOH. With the launch of IOM, we intend to offer a tool that leverages real-time inputs to maximise campaign impact across geographies and mobility opportunities, acknowledging the greater demand for transparency and ROI.”

Arijit Chakrabarti

Speaking on the development, Arijit Chakrabarti, Head of Strategy at Kinetic India, said, “Despite having the second largest reach as per Target Group Index, OOH is considered as being data dark – with planning based more on gut-feel rather than on-ground facts and science. IOM is an online proprietary tool bringing science into planning.  It leverages multiple visualisations that help showcase underlying data and build relevant insights. The system accounts for differentiated audience mobility patterns on a real-time basis and offers customised mapping solution with outline of audience aggregation across geographies.”

Kinetic Worldwide helps brands connect with, and activate, their audiences while they’re on the move. The planner and digital innovator of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, Kinetic understands the customer’s physical journey better than anyone. With dynamic data and technology, they turn that journey into an active one, driving people to take action in context. Whether it’s through mobile and social, location-based experiences or in-transit, Kinetic makes OOH interactive and amplifiable – driving efficiency and measurable transactions between brands, audiences and peers.

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