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Ipsos India launches Ipsos Digital to help clients with online cutting-edge research tools

The market research company has announced its first online research offering of Fast Facts — a fully automated, DIY, AI-supported express tool to cater to clients’ quick research and advisory needs

Market research company Ipsos India, spotting an opportunity in the online research space due to the altered external environment, has announced its commitment to driving online research by launching its global platform, Ipsos Digital. 

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The platform will provide clients with online cutting-edge research tools, which will be nimble, fast-paced and will provide them with timely, expertise-based outputs, to aid in their decision making.

As part of the launch of the Ipsos Digital platform, Ipsos India has also announced the launch of its first online research offering of Fast Facts — a fully automated, DIY, AI-supported express tool to cater to clients’ quick research and advisory needs.

Amit Adarkar

Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India, said, “Clients are on the rebound and are hard-pressed for time to conduct market research; Ipsos Digital provides them a combination of an AI platform-based, end-to-end automated online data collection, analysis and dashboarding system with best professional expertise from Ipsos — the world’s most innovative market research organisation (GRIT 2020). Ipsos Digital crunches the entire process to 24-48 hours, facilitating agile research. We are committed to bringing multiple products via Ipsos Digital platform to India, where traditional face-to-face data collection accounted for 95% of how market research was done in India, before the pandemic. And I’m pleased to announce the launch of our first digital tool of Fast Facts, which is extensively being used by Ipsos clients across geographies and we are now making it accessible to our clients in India.

“Conventional face-to-face research continues to be our mainstay, but we are looking forward to transforming the industry by bringing in cutting-edge technology to our clients."

Vincy Jathanna

Vincy Jathanna, who will champion Fast Facts for India, sees this as a great supplement to conventional face-to-face research, especially for those clients who do not have time on their hands for a full-blown consumer study taking weeks to complete.

“Ipsos Digital, the AI-supported market research platform, is user friendly and gives power in the hands of clients to utilise the Fast Facts tool to carry out market research studies in a jiffy. And clients can choose between DIY or researcher-assisted modules depending upon whether they want a quick ad hoc study or a detailed customised one, seeking answers to some of the key attributes. Clients design their own questionnaires using AI, choose from a pre-loaded list of categories and they even pay online, so all the processes are streamlined with no human interface or with Ipsos expert assistance, on demand or from regular client-facing teams,” said Vincy Jathanna, Executive Director, Observer and Champion Fast Facts, Ipsos India.

“Quick turnaround research, DIY or with Ipsos assistance and professional expertise built into the platform at mere clicks, are some of the USPs of this offering. It is a gamechanger and is meant to step up in assisting clients with their go-to-market strategies riding on Ipsos’ four principles of speed, security, substance and simplicity,” Adarkar said.

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