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Famous Innovations launches social distancing virtual backgrounds for Zoom

The illustrated backgrounds remind people to wash hands, not touch face, keep safe distance, all the while covering anything going on in the background

In the last few weeks of the lockdown, a lot of office meetings have taken place over Zoom video calls. Convenient as they are, these calls have also led to some bloopers as roommates clad in unwanted attire or half-asleep children accidently wander into the frame. This led Famous Innovations to an idea that could not only save people from these moments of embarrassment but also send a good message — “We’ve Got Your Back” backgrounds.

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The beautifully illustrated backgrounds remind people to wash their hands, not touch their face, keep safe distance from one another, etc., — all the while covering anything going on in the backgrounds in their homes.

The backgrounds were launched last week on the agency’s social media platforms and have been downloaded and used by hundreds of people. User comments appreciate that this saves them the trouble of always finding a good backdrop in their homes or having their homes judged for what they look like in.

The campaign:

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