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Omnigel gives a helping hand to Sahayaks at Magh Mela

Distributes specially curated ‘Rahat Ratna’, a portable body pain recovery solution, to 30,000+ Sahayaks. Takes the benefits of the product to 50,000+ visitors through the ‘Dard Mukti Kendra’. Releases short film paying tribute to the hard work of Sahayaks

Omnigel, the pain recovery gel from the house of Cipla, empowered over 30,000 unsung heroes — ‘Sahayaks’ — to operate smoothly at the popular Magh Mela, being held in the city of Allahabad from January 10 to February 21.

Omnigel provided a portable and hassle-free body pain recovery solution called the ‘Rahat Ratna’ to these hardworking Sahayaks, in order to provide speedy recovery while working on the root cause of the pain.

The annually held Magh Mela witnessed a host of Sahayaks, including policemen, boatmen, cleanliness crew and several others, who came together to make it a grand success. In order to honour their seamless contribution, Omnigel set several facility-oriented support systems up, including the ‘Dard Mukti Kendra’. The Kendra had a team of physiotherapists, who listened to body pain-related complains of these Sahayaks, helped them by applying Omnigel on the affected areas, and informed them about the gel powered by a special Diclofenac formula.

The Kendra also acquainted over 50,000 devotees at the mela with body ergonomics and the best way to treat physical pain in their day-to-day lives. Further, the brand assisted the police force by providing them with tailor-made barricades having jutted portions, which could be used by the officials to sit for some time during their long hours of duty.

With an aim of adding value to the lives of Sahayaks, the campaign has enhanced brand awareness by extending its outreach to key target markets of the country. Apart from these Sahayaks, a large number of visitors thronged at the ‘Dard Mukti Kendra’, which recorded a sale of 15,000 units at the venue itself.

Omnigel released a short film that narrates the hardships of Sahayaks and their journey towards physical pain recovery. The film is available through various digital platforms to bring to life the stories of these Magh Mela ‘gems’, and their unwavering contribution to one of the biggest holy gatherings.

R. Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice-President and Head, India Generics, Cipla Limited, said, “Omnigel is an outcome of decades of trust, and the credibility it has earned from our consumers across the length and breadth of India. The main motive of this association was to celebrate the tireless efforts put in by multitudes of Sahayaks each year, and to provide them relief from the recurrent body pain caused due to various day-to-day activities. We are honoured to be a part of this holy gathering and ease the lives of people in our own little way.”

Shivam Puri, CEO, Cipla Health, said, “We feel privileged to be a part of the Magh Mela, and to have the opportunity to service these undeterred Sahayaks. Our initiative was aimed at generating greater awareness about the brand and informing a larger audience about its multidisciplinary uses, especially the community that suffers from body pain, but tends to overlook it due to lack of knowledge. We are happy that we could be their ‘friend’ all through the mela.”

Utsav Parekh, Business Director, Geometry Encompass, said, “As a Mumbaikar, the Sahayaks at Magh Mela reminded me of the numerous unsung heroes from our city. These tireless sevaks needed a convenient solution to their daily aches and pains, which is why we created the Rahat Ratna — a locket that safeguarded their well-being. Bringing Omnigel’s pain-recovery properties to a microcosm of unsung heroes through this locket is just the beginning. This emotionally-charged token served as a reminder that their contribution is appreciated and Omnigel is the protector of their well-being.”

The short film:

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