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Britannia Tiger Krunch Chocochip Cookies is an ‘affordable indulgence’ for kids

The brand campaign by Lowe Lintas talks about kids who do not bow down to bullies and who pride themselves in always making the smarter choice

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It becomes a challenge for mothers to provide her child with an enjoyable snack that is not just tasty and filling but also healthy on the pocket. This very promise of ‘affordable indulgence’ is what makes Britannia Tiger Krunch Chocochip Cookies a ‘punch’.

Its latest brand campaign establishes this with a vignette that talks to every young kid who aspires to be a Tiger in real life. Kids who do not bow down to bullies and who pride themselves in always making the smarter choice. Just like the choice of buying a Chocolate Chip Cookie over a Regular Cookie because Britannia Tiger Krunch offers the premium indulgence of melt-in-mouth chocolate chips in 10 delicious chocolate cookies at just Rs 5 — Truly 5 ka Chocolaty Punch!


The film shows a young kid asking for his regular order, “mera special dena” at a local kirana as he places a Rs 5 coin on the counter. He is approached by an older kid who points out that at Rs 5 one can expect only a regular cookie and nothing special, “paanch rupaye mein anda milega bro”. The kid flashes the Rs 5 Britannia Tiger Krunch pack — the most Chocolatey and indulgent Chocochip experience at Rs 5, and signs off with a punch in the air announcing the tagline, “Britannia Tiger Krunch, Paanch rupaye ka Chocolatey Punch”.

Vinay Subramanyam, VP, Marketing, Britannia Industries, said, “Britannia Tiger Krunch has always been an ally of mothers who are constantly looking to provide their kids with indulgent snacking experiences at affordable prices. It is the only cookie that offers you this experience with the Delight of 10 chocolate chip cookies at just Rs 5.”


“The world of tweens constantly seeks one-upmanship and scoring over one another, whether it be games or the snack of choice. Britannia Tiger Krunch provides not only a great chocolatey snack but a bang for the pocket-money buck too which is truly talk-worthy,” said Puneet Kapoor, Regional Creative Director, Lowe Lintas.

Britannia Tiger operates in the Glucose, Creams and Chocochip Biscuit categories. Tiger as a brand aims to provide fun, affordable and energetic products for Kids. The latest campaign for Tiger Krunch Chocochip biscuits establishes this very promise with a fun and memorable film.


VP, Marketing: Vinay Subramanyam

Category Manager: Silpi Das

Group Product Manager: Ram Chakravarthy

Product Manager: Siraj Cotecha

Creative Agency: Lowe Lintas

Regional Creative Officer: Puneet Kapoor

Executive Director: Sonali Khanna

Production house: ZigZag Films

Director: Abhijeet Sudhakar

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