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As economy limps back to recovery, Motorola may re-include print, radio and OOH in media mix

The handset brand that has primarily been advertising on digital is evaluating on making a comeback on the traditional mediums, says Shivam Ranjan, Head of Marketing, Motorola Mobility

Shivam Ranjan

Traditional advertising mediums such as print, cinema and radio have lost out significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic but as signs of recovery become more visible, Motorola Mobility is planning to make them a part of the company's media mix again. 

"We are evaluating them closely as we head towards recovery and considering adding some of them back to our media mix this year,” said Shivam Ranjan, Head of Marketing, Motorola Mobility.  

“I also foresee a higher skew towards digital media for the overall category, on the basis of changing consumer behaviour and media patterns during 2020," he said.

With increased spends on digital media across industries and categories, it is more critical than ever to come up with innovative creative formats, media properties and clutter-breaking content to capture the mind share of consumers.

Therefore, Ranjan expects agencies across media, communication and content to adapt to this requirement by strengthening their digital capability both in terms of skill sets as well as measurable outcomes.

He foresees that certain changes in consumer behaviour and media consumption patterns, observed this year during the Covid-19 crisis, may continue in 2021. "The rapid rise in content consumption over digital platforms, specifically OTT, is likely to continue," he said.

“Online shopping has also become a way of life for many urban consumers and ecommerce platforms will continue to be an important touch point for consumer advertising in 2021. With some ATL channels, apart from TV, still recovering from the impact of Covid-19, I believe we will see an overall shift towards digital media versus traditional media across industries,” he added.

As consumer research has always been the tool for understanding consumer behaviour and preferences, he said there was a need to invest in new and innovative ways to gather these insights and trends through intelligent platforms.

Motorola is seeing rapid growth in the Indian market across all brand and business parameters.

“We are not only one of the few players to be present across all smartphone categories in India (including foldables and flagship) but are also present across multiple new categories such as smart TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, ACs and audio products. Over the next three years, we aim to reach more and more consumers through our best-in-class portfolio of smartphones and consumer electronics products,” he added.

“We will also continue to see next-generation foldable products and other innovative form factors. In terms of consumer demand, we are confident that the demand for smartphones and other technology products will continue to be robust in 2021 and the category is likely to show strong Y-O-Y growth,” he added.

From the technology perspective, he predicted that 5G will be a key driver for the category in 2021.

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