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Avia to hold both offline and online conference for its third Asia Video Summit

A select group of delegates will experience the conference live in both Singapore and Hong Kong, where the pandemic is abating

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) will host the third Asia Video Summit this year with several firsts under its belt. With the pandemic abating in Singapore and Hong Kong, Avia will host a live conference at both locations, allowing a small group of participants to experience the conference live and network with fellow delegates.

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Louis Boswell, CEO, Avia, said, “This has been an unprecedented year for everyone. Although we have successfully hosted several virtual events this year, we are learning and improving all the time, so we feel confident this will be our best virtual conference yet. At the same time, nothing can replace real social interaction and so we are taking advantage of the much improved situation in Singapore and Hong Kong to return a degree of normalcy to the Asia Video Summit, and allow some of our delegates a level of physical interaction, to watch the sessions live, reconnect with each other, and enjoy some food and drinks on us.” 

The Summit will bring together more than 130 thought leaders in the video industry to explore these five key themes: Remembering Television, Streaming Ahead, Premium Advertising, Sporting Times and Talking Tech.

 *Remember Television? We assess the state of FTA and Pay TV and examine what the pressure to go direct-to-consumer means for traditional relationships between content owners and MVPDs.

*Streaming Ahead: We want to know how you scale a streaming business, how you market your services and differentiate products, and how is life different for national, regional and global services.

*Premium Advertising: It is clear today that our industry, with the wealth of high-end content we deliver, has yet to persuade the advertisers to park their money with us. Why is that and what can we do to change the situation?

*Sporting Times: We take stock of particular challenges and triumphs the sports industry has undergone in 2020 and what lies ahead.

*Talking Tech: We will follow the technological journey content goes through from creation to consumption and look at innovations that will shape the industry in the coming years.

This year’s Summit will see several speakers headlining the conference for the first time in Asia as we continue to witness much structural changes in the industry. 

Some of the distinguished list of speakers this year includes:

Salawati Mohamed, Head of Distribution and Partnership Development, A+E Networks Asia

Derrick Gray, Chief of Measurement Science and Business Analytics, BARC India

Tom Keaveny, Chief Innovation & Information Officer, beIN Media Group

Vitto Lazatin, VP, Content Acquisition, Management & Strategy, Cignal TV

Lakshanthi Fernando, Partner, CMS

As part of the annual Summit, Avia will host The State of Piracy Summit on November 5 to look at the strides that are being made against piracy in the region. In addition, there will be the invitation-only Policy RoundTable on November 4 and the Anti-Piracy Sports Roundtable on November 6. 

Avia is the trade association for the video industry and ecosystem in Asia-Pacific. It serves to make the video industry stronger and healthier through promoting the common interests of its members.  Avia is the interlocutor for the industry with governments across the region, leads the fight against video piracy and provides insight into the video industry to support a vibrant industry ecosystem.  

Visit www.asiavideosummit.com for more


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