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ABP News raises engagement quotient with daily polls

The channel is now integrating audience polls into its programming to better engage viewers

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Hindi News channel, ABP News, is raising the engagement quotient through a special interactive initiative —integrating audience polls into its programming to better engage viewers.

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Providing them a special platform to express themselves, ABP News conducts a ‘daily poll’ on pertinent issues. Under this daily poll, ABP News shares a few questions with CVoter (Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research) which runs them via CATI in an audience of wide geographic and demographic reach. By 4:30pm, the results of the daily poll come out, which then go live on the evening show at 5:00pm presented by show-host and renowned ABP Anchor Rubika Liyaquat.

Since the rollout of this poll, the show has asked critical questions with regard to the political turmoil of Rajasthan, the recent Vikas Dubey encounter and other important issues. On the Dubey encounter, 84.8% of viewers responded by saying that Vikas Dubey surrendered himself because he was afraid of an encounter. When asked what the arrest of Vikas Dubey at Ujjain proves, 66.7% responded, saying it shows UP police’s inefficiency, while 33.3% failed to agree. On the Rajasthan political turmoil, 67.2% believed Congress will collapse because of its own internal conflicts.


Validating the key trademarks of ABP News, this initiative keeps the concerns and viewpoints of the viewers at the forefront, giving a voice to those who want to be heard.

To see how ABP News is creating this interactive experience, check video:


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