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A good time to advertise on television, says BARC and Neilson Crisis Consumption report

The report says television consumption increased across genres and daily television viewership grew by 4 hours. It says now might be a good time for advertisers to use television as a medium as the time spent has increased

With people staying at home with families, content consumption across platforms, television in particular, has seen an amazing growth recently. According to the BARC and Neilson Crisis Consumption report, 622 million viewers watched television daily for four hours and 40 minutes in the coronavirus lockdown period.  

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A mass medium, television was expected to grow around 11-12% prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. The pandemic and the subsequent made it impossible for broadcasters to bring newer content to consumers and forced advertisers to pull out their campaigns from television.

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Despite the unavailability of fresher content, Week 12 BARC data shows growth across genres in television. The current week garnered the highest ever total TV consumption.   

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Kids’ viewership in non-prime time grew by 58% as the trends show children watching more television in the morning. The movie genre grew to 30% in Week 12. Another insight from the report suggests that the viewership of movie channels surpassed GECs for the first time.

The BARC data revealed interesting television advertising insights. The food /beverages and hygiene sector saw the highest share in FCT of 17% each. The personal hygiene market grew significantly due to the outbreak and the hand sanitiser market grew by 53%, the report aid.

The crisis consumption report said that with a dramatic increase in viewership across genres, marketers can use the opportunity to communicate with the audience better.

“Now might be a good time for advertisers to promote brands and services of those that have current/ soon enough off-take, as consumers are deeply engaged with TV and with ads on TV,” the report said. It says channels can use this period to promote themselves as there is a higher index of sampling.

According to the report, the weekly viewing minutes grew by 37% and the non-prime time viewership increased by more than 70%. The GEC genre in non-prime time grew by 32%. The news genre saw a 200% growth in non-prime time viewership. The share of news from total TV grew from 7% to 21%.  

The data shows an increase in smartphone time spent by three hours. The change was felt across demographics. According to the data, the 35-44 age group increased smartphone consumption by 18%. The consumer today and especially in this period is open to newer experiences. Hence, this might be an opportunity for digital services to promote and bring new experiences to consumers through television ads, the report said.


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