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Fruzzanté undergoes rebranding initiative to enhance brand’s presence

It will now be recognised as ‘Fruzzanté - Sparkling Alcoholic Beverage.’ The initiative encompassed key elements, mainly expansion of their portfolio, a dramatic variation in packaging, and reduced cost due to changes in the tax structure

Hill Zill Wines, a Bordi, Maharashtra-based winery and family-owned brand Fruzzanté, founded by Priyanka Save and Nagesh Pai in 2016, has undergone a rebranding exercise to create a strong brand identity for itself in the Indian alcoholic beverage category.

The company has announced and unveiled its new branding, which will now officially be recognised as ‘Fruzzanté - Sparkling Alcoholic Beverage.’

The rebranding exercise of Fruzzanté is aimed at enhancing its brand’s presence. The initiative encompassed key elements, mainly expansion of their portfolio, a dramatic variation in packaging, and reduced cost due to changes in the tax structure. Prior to the rebranding exercise, the appearance of Fruzzanté was iconic, mainly because of its simplicity.

The new branding rightly conveys the brand’s focus on producing and serving premium quality fruit-based alcoholic beverages, while embracing Fruzzanté’s legacy by retaining its symbol of fruits, iconic font, and playful colours. The brand has also carried forward its incredible “farm to bottle” concept which signifies the fact that the fruits are sourced only from the local farmers in order to extend support and strengthen the regional agro-economy. This entire business model built on the objective of being farmer-friendly is Fruzzanté’s way of giving back to the community and their farming origins.

Marking the first year, the new branding will be seen on the company’s website, social media channels, advertising, as well as packaging. Fruzzanté will continue highlighting its key features like 100% fruit-base, vegan, and gluten-free, which also happens to be the brand’s USP.

The brand decided to step into an unconventional and unexplored segment of fruit-based alcoholic beverages with six fruits, mainly mango, strawberry, star fruit, chikoo, pineapple, and soon-to-be-launched orange, each with its individual geographical identity. Every bottle of the alcoholic beverage category follows a colour scheme that represents the fruit, for example, green indicates starfruit, pink for strawberry and yellow for p. A bottle of Fruzzanté Strawberry and Mango is priced at Rs 200, Pineapple at Rs 185, Starfruit at Rs 170, and Orange — after the launch — will be priced at Rs 185. 

Priyanka Save, Founder, Hill Zill Wines, “Our re-branding effort for Fruzzanté is one of many things we are initiating as part of our plan for growth to improve the drinking experience for our customers. We actively surveyed the market and spoke with our distribution partners, and came to a realisation that there was a need to showcase the uniqueness of the product, keeping in mind the use of fruits other than grapes that were used to make the drink, and so, creating a new brand identity had to be the first step towards it before expanding our portfolio. From our one-of-its-kind drink to our relatively-healthy elements, affordable prices, and value offerings, we are leaving no stone unturned to provide our customers with great beverages. We firmly believe our decision to transform Fruzzanté will keep our brand relevant for years to come.”

Nagesh Pai, the co-founder of Fruzzanté, added, “While embracing our incredible legacy, we have a great opportunity to produce incredible energy for our brand. We are bringing our USP – 100% fruit produce – to the forefront, in a way that it defines our purpose and what our brand stands for.”

The brand revamp exercise was held in partnership with Almond Branding, a strategic branding and design agency in Mumbai, under the directives of its founder, Shashwat Das. “Priyanka and Nagesh are one of the most passionate entrepreneurs I have ever come across. Their journey from being farmer’s kids to becoming the modern-day liquor entrepreneurs is truly inspirational. Their vision to help the farmers of the region while building a successful brand is exemplary. We at Almond are trying our best to help them move closer to their vision. From day one, we were kicked about the unique concept behind the products. We just had to craft a suitable storyline and create a packaging design that brings out the differentiation,” said Das.

With the launch, the brand hopes to cement a change in mindset pre-defined by age-old liquor producers. Through the means of a visual mnemonic indicating ‘Brewing for a Cause,’ it is Fruzzanté’s aim to strengthen the fact that with every sip comes a contribution to the farmers who are directly or indirectly related with the brand. By introducing vegan, gluten-free, and fruit-based alcoholic drinks, Fruzzanté is entering into a space that will impress consumers of all age-groups, who are also looking for the aforementioned benefits.

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