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Cross-brand banter keeps social media abuzz on Valentine’s Day

Brands on social media are not shying away from collaborating with each other on to create traction. On Valentine’s Day, brands made the most of the moment marketing and some of these friendly exchanges left users in splits

Cross-brand banters, a growing trend on the internet, kept social media abuzz on Valentine’s Day as brands did not shy away from taking a bit of a dig at each other.

One could not think of any relation between Parle-G and Tinder until the two had a quirky conversation on Twitter. Parle-G asked Tinder’s help to find a Valentine and Tinder matched it with ‘Chaayos’.

Chaayos continued the conversation with an adorable reply.

Another Twitter exchange between Delhi airport and airlines left netizens in splits.

Delhi airport’s official Twitter page left flirty tweets for airlines on Valentine’s Day and airlines flirted back.

Tinder soon joined the Valentine’s party with Netflix and an interesting meme.

McDonald’s and Coca Cola’s PDA on the day of love was interesting to see. McDonald’s left flirty tweets for Coca Cola using their classic pairing as an advantage.

Another exchange that shocked netizens was between BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi. BMW tickled its competition, Mercedes Benz, with a friendly tweet and Audi soon joined the conversation.

Little Hearts and Lays also had a cute banter on Facebook. After Little Hearts posted their Valentine's Day campaign on Facebook, Lays left an encouraging comment on the video and asked people to not be heartbroken this Valentine's Day. Little Hearts continued the conversation in a poetic manner.

Millennials love to see the cross communications between brands and every once in a while we notice brands engaging in such conversations. Not only does this help in gaining attention but also adds to the human value of a brand. Valentine’s Day is a huge opportunity for brands. Traditional Valentine’s Day campaigns are falling by the wayside as brands move towards edgier approaches.

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