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Indian Terrain awards its integrated creative mandate to Brave New World

The agency will create an integrated brand presence across its mainline advertising, store communication, online presence and social media

Creative agency Brave New World will now lead the integrated communications mandate for menswear and boyswear retail clothing brand, Indian Terrain.

The agency has been entrusted with creating an integrated brand presence across its mainline advertising, store communication, online presence and social media.

Charath Narasimhan

“With the company at its 20-year mark, we were on the lookout for a partner who could help us grow our foothold in the men’s and boys’ segment while creating an engaged audience base on our social platforms. With rife competition from aggressive new players, the opportunity at hand is to keep our strong base of loyalists close while growing the demand from a new generation of people entering the workforce. The integrated team at Brave New World came across just as passionate about results as they did about creativity. We look forward to having their fresh thinking help us craft a refreshed go-to-market playbook for the brand,” said Charath Narasimhan, CEO and MD, Indian Terrain, speaking on the collaboration with Brave New World.

Joono Simon

One of the country’s first integrated advertising startups, four-and-a-half-year old Brave New World specialises in the comprehensive and optimised delivery of brand communication across today’s highly fragmented media environment. “The current e-comm clutter is causing a certain degree of commoditisation of retail fashion, leaving many brands to look faceless and obtuse. As a result, most discerning customers are seeking out brands that are more meaningful and substantive. Indian terrain is a brand that has its feet rooted firmly on the ground and has nurtured a very loyal fanbase over the years. The name ‘Indian Terrain’ itself alludes to something bigger and intrinsic. We’re excited about unlocking the inherent potential it holds from a communication standpoint”, said Joono Simon, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Brave New World, when asked about the new brand on board.

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