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ITC’s ‘Sab saath badhein’ campaign is an illustration of its soul

The creative rendition by Ogilvy plays on the popularity of flying kites as a metaphor for ITC's portfolio of FMCG brands, illustrating how the growing consumer franchise for these brands enable it to make a contribution to livelihood creation

ITC Limited has released a new corporate campaign titled ‘Sab saath badhein’, comprising a series of four TVCs. The first TVC highlights how consumers’ trust in ITC’s rich bouquet of world-class Indian brands has enabled the company to create larger value for the society and environment.  

The creative rendition, devised by Ogilvy, plays on the popularity of flying kites among children. The kites here, instead of typically competing against each other, come together as one giant kite and soar high above. As an effective metaphor for ITC's diverse portfolio of best-in-class FMCG brands, the kites illustrate how the growing consumer franchise for these brands enable ITC to make a significant contribution to livelihood creation and environmental resources replenishment. The other ads creatively illustrate ITC's large scale initiatives in farmer empowerment through the ITC e-Choupal, Watershed Development and Afforestation.

S Sivakumar, Member, Corporate Management Committee, ITC Ltd., said, "The ‘Sab saath badhein’ campaign is an illustration of ITC’s soul. As a company deeply rooted in Indian soil, ITC is inspired by the opportunity to serve larger national priorities. What gives us immense pride is that ITC has created a robust portfolio of vibrant brands that anchor farm to fork, tree to textbook and bamboo to agarbatti value chains that empower millions of farmers and generate livelihoods for more than six million people in the country. We believe when consumers exercise their choice for such brands, a powerful driver for larger value creation for the nation is unleashed.”

“Most corporate campaigns are about philosophy and intent. ITC is different in that; this campaign is about a deeply Indian company's philosophy in action. It is about what ITC has done. Not what it intends to do. The scale of real impact is there for everyone to see," said Kunal Jeswani, Chief Executive, Ogilvy India.

ITC’s ‘Nation first- Sab saath badhein’ philosophy underlines the company’s core belief in creating enduring value for the nation, which has led to innovation in business models that seeks to synergise the building of economic, ecological and social capital as a unified strategy. This philosophy of Sab saath badhein has helped lay the foundations of ITC as a resilient enterprise of tomorrow that generates shareholder value whilst serving national priorities in a synergistic manner.

ITC has built a portfolio of over 25 world-class Indian brands. Today, ITC’s portfolio of brands, including Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, YiPPee! Classmate, Fiama, Vivel, Engage, Savlon Mangaldeep and many others represents an annual consumer spend of over Rs 18,000 crore. In terms of annual consumer spend, ‘Aashirvaad’ is today over Rs 4,500 crore: ‘Sunfeast’ over Rs 3,800 crore; ‘Bingo!’ nearly Rs 2,500 crore; ‘Classmate’ over Rs 1,400 crore; ‘YiPPee!’ over Rs 1,100 crore while ‘Vivel’, ‘Mangaldeep’ & ‘Candyman’ are over Rs 500 crore each.

ITC’s large scale sustainability initiatives include Watershed Development covering more than 1 million acres of water-stressed areas, the ITC e-Choupal initiative that has empowered over 4 million farmers, the afforestation programme that has greened over 7,30,000 acres, while generating over 135 million person days of employment.

The TVC:



Client: ITC Limited

Member, Corporate Management Committee, ITC Ltd.: S Sivakumar

Agency: Ogilvy

Chief Executive, Ogilvy India: Kunal Jeswani


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