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Ikea puts sustainability at the core of its business

Country Retail Managers of 30 Ikea retail businesses will take on the extra role of country Chief Sustainability Officer. They will inspire and enable one billion people to live a better life within the limits of the planet by 2030

Ingka Group and Ikea India are taking the next step in transforming the business by integrating sustainability into the core of the Ikea retail business. As a part of that, the Country Retail Managers will be overall accountable for implementing the Ikea sustainability strategy, People & Planet Positive, in their respective countries.

“We want to grow the Ikea business in a sustainable way — we know that our future success lies in our ability to make a positive impact for people and planet. By taking this step to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our retail operations, we can accelerate the transformation of the business to become even more affordable, convenient and sustainable for our customers,” said Tolga Öncü, Retail Operations Manager, Ingka Group.

Through the integrated role, Country Retail Managers will take greater leadership in moving towards the Ikea ambition to inspire and enable one billion people to live a better life within the limits of the planet by 2030. Sustainability performance will now be integrated as a formal part of the individual and team goals for the country.

Peter Betzel

“I am excited and inspired by formally taking on the role of Chief Sustainability Officer. I have a greater responsibility to ensure that sustainability is integrated into everything we do as a business. It’s especially relevant for India and we have many ambitious plans. We have always had an inspiring vision and values, and now we are moving further and faster in demonstrating the connection between business success, long-term growth and our commitment to people and planet. This gives me and all our co-workers great energy to create the new Ikea together,” said Peter Betzel, CEO, Ikea India, who has taken on the additional responsibility of Chief Sustainability Officer for India. 

To work towards achieving science-based targets to contribute to fulfilling the Paris Agreement, the company is committed to a range of initiatives in its 30 markets. To mention a few; home solar is offered in seven countries and will be offered in all by 2025, furniture leasing will be tested during the coming year, and Ikea Retail China already offers zero-emissions home delivery in Shanghai with all countries working to achieve this by 2025. In India it will use 100% electric vehicles for its delivery services by 2025. Last year, the Better Air project was initiated with the goal of converting rice husks, which causes major pollution in Northern India, into Ikea products. The first collection ‘Forandring’ will be launched this autumn.

The change in the country organisation will take effect on September 1, 2019.

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