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ABP live claims record-breaking numbers during counting day

ABP News was No.1 on Google trends on the result day while ABP YouTube recorded No. 1 on peak hours of counting the day (from 7am – 5pm)

ABP News has claimed that it observed record breaking numbers on the digital platform during the 2019 Counting day.

According to ABP News, it garnered highest traction, attracting maximum visitors through its digital platform resulting in huge traffic for ABP across all media digital platforms - Website, YouTube, Mobile App. On the counting day, ABP News as a brand was No.1 on Google trends beating all the news competitors with big margins.

During the results peak time YouTube recorded concurrent 9 Lacs double from the closest competitor (Source: Vidooly). ABP Live App was trending at No. 1 position on google play store the whole day, with added installs of over 1.5 million users on Android app during the counting day (As per AdGyde Analytical tool, 23rd May 2019).  Not only this, 4.8 million users on ABP Live App on counting day, bolstered the digital views (As per Google Analytics on 23rd May). ABP News Network witnessed 27.5 million unique visitors, 39 million Live TV viewers and 19.5 VOD users on its’s website and App.

Taking the innovation to the next level, ABP digital created a new product – which involved Machine Learning to engage with viewers during the counting day. ABP published 571 automatic Live blogs in 4 languages for all the constituency and major states. Digital innovation also went a step ahead in bringing the micro view of the elections, covering all the constituencies, states, by-poll and key candidates with real-time data updates starting 7 AM updating users with all the major developments. These live blogs were projected in different languages. Extensive Tally was also showcased with specific state data, with national and assembly updates making numbers accessible and easy for the viewers.

Avinash Pandey

Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP News Network, said, “Yet again we have proved to be the preferred destination for the viewers during elections. Our only objective was to present our viewers a holistic election news experience integrated with state-of-the-art technology and we have observed record breaking feedback from the viewers on the digital platform. During the counting day, ABP News as a brand was No.1 on Google trends on the result day. Not only this, ABP YouTube also recorded No. 1 on peak hours of counting the day (from 7am – 5pm) on the counting day.”

“There is a significant increase in the viewer base of ABP Live, a result of our adaptive business initiatives and extensive editorial coverage on digital especially during counting days - which is the highest recalled election programme in the country. When it comes to news and information that matters, ABPNews and ABP News digital are the most preferred source of news and information for the viewers,” added Pandey.

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