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For marketers, consumer interest should come before business objectives, says Pankaj Duhan of RB Health

At the launch event of Reckitt Benckiser’s Diclofenac range of pain relief brand, Moov Advance Gel, caught up with Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer, RB Health South Asia, to talk about the brand’s proposition and its marketing plan

The CEOs and CFOs of companies are making marketers more and more accountable for each and every penny spent. And, hence, it has become important for marketers to align all the marketing activities with business objectives directly and maximise ROI. But, in the process, one should not ignore the interest of consumers, says Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer, RB Health South Asia.

According to Duhan, not all marketing activities should be done with the only agenda of fulfilling business objectives. The business will follow if one thinks of consumer well-being first. He said, “Every marketing activity should first align itself to the consumer’s best interest. Make something a little bit simpler and improved for the consumer. Tailor your propositions accordingly while fitting it into the financial structure and not the other way around. Business results will automatically follow.”

In line with this ideology, Reckitt Benckiser announced the launch of the Diclofenac range of pain relief brand, Moov Advance Gel, yesterday. For the new product offering, the brand has been creating a lot of buzz on social media with its campaign #MakeYourMove and aligned it with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ensuring a fit India.

Explaining the reason behind the aligning the campaign with the Prime Minister’s Fit India movement, Duhan said, “The brand wants to make India more pain-free. The first step to make India pain-free is a preventative solution. If we have healthier lifestyles, take out time for exercise, it will prevent a lot of pain. Before you get into medicated solutions for pain problems, you should look into preventative measures. Fit India movement is a fantastic initiative that encourages people to be more fit and healthy.”

Duhan believes the launch will be a huge success as it tackles real consumer needs. Most of the brands in the category have been creating communication around women in families with muscular pain problems. For this new offering from RB, the brand has come up with an offering on the lines of lifestyle-related problems in today’s day and age.

Duhan said, “In this category, brands haven’t been really talking about lifestyle-related problems. They have been focussing on the wives, the families and their muscular pain. The lifestyle these days has an impact on consumers’ physical health. People sit on laptops for many hours, get stuck in traffic for a long time and not necessarily in the greatest of postures. Rampant use of mobile phones causes a lot of neck issues. We wanted to create a formulation that ordinary solutions do not have. For that, you need something a little bit stronger, an expert recommended. Therefore, we launched the Moov Advance.”

The brand has planned a full 360-degree campaign around the product launch. A TV commercial conceptualised by its creative agency McCann Worldgroup will be launched soon. The brand has worked with QED Creative for many of its digital creatives and plans to do a lot of engagement initiatives on mediums other than just digital.

Not divulging details about the allocation of marketing spend on various mediums, Duhan said, “It’s a journey. Moov is the market leader and we have a good budget for all the mediums, although, contribution to digital has started to increase significantly.”

Duhan said overall, RB is very bullish on the digital medium for most of its portfolio. The brand has used digital and social media for a lot of its brands like Dettol, co-created with moms and Durex Mutual Climax.

As part of the campaign, a lot of bloggers and social media influencers were roped in to promote the initiative. The focus has been kept on fetching more and more consumer engagement around the launch campaign. The brand managed to get more than three billion user-generated content pieces in 72 hours only on TikTok itself.

When asked about the target audience of the new product launch, Duhan said, “Because of the brand’s premium proposition, it will appeal more to the urban segment than the rural areas because the impact of the new-age lifestyle is much more starkly seen in the urban environment.”

Putting together gel, balm creme and spray, the brand has close to 12-13% market share in the overall market size of Rs 4,200 crore. Moov is also the market leader among the creme brands.

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