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Twitter to launch Flight School Live programme for agencies in India

Twitter will partner with 6-7 agencies across Delhi and Mumbai to educate them on the right usage of the medium and how to build and optimise campaigns on the platform

Twitter to launch Flight School Live programme for agencies in India—an exclusive, complimentary half-day workshop on Twitter video advertising in the Q4 of 2019. Twitter will educate agencies on how to understand the value of advertising on the platform, introduce the latest best practices, and up-skill the audience on campaign strategies.

The workshop is most relevant for anyone seeking to learn the value of Twitter and anyone managing brand or media campaigns to drive awareness, website traffic conversation, or conversions.

The content of the workshop includes:

  • Value of video advertising on Twitter
  • Ad formats and campaigns
  • Optimisations — targeting, bidding, creative
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Case studies
Simon Brockman

In an exclusive interaction with BestMediaInfo.com, Simon Brockman, Head of Agency Development APAC, Twitter, said, “As part of the programme, we are hiring professional trainers to go across 6-7 agencies in both Delhi and Mumbai to educate on the values of advertising on Twitter. Education is extremely important for agencies.”

Brockman spends most of his time training of the agency side. He also works on deals between the platform and agencies across APAC, barring Japan. India is a priority market for him and he visits quite often.

“India comes under the top five markets for Twitter globally. It’s the fastest-growing market. The user and revenue growth in India is in double digits,” he said. 

Talking about their relationship with agencies, Brockman said agencies help the platform with leads and accounts of their clients and they are responsible for putting Twitter in the brands’ campaign plans.

But isn’t Twitter unavoidable?

Brockman answered, “Still, it is our responsibility to teach and educate the agency people who not just have Twitter but other competitors in the market. We need to make sure they understand why Twitter should be on the plan. It’s also important for agencies to make clients understand the correct usage of Twitter. It’s a symbiotic relationship we share.”

He said, “With so many options available, agency training programmes can’t cover every single available tool, so we have a joint responsibility to train their people on the usage of Twitter. This is also a retention strategy. The better we train people, they are more likely to stay. Twitter has to be on top of their mind all the time.”

Twitter mostly interacts with media agencies as the platform believes that the decisions on which mediums to use are mostly made by them. He said creative agencies have a role in terms of innovation. In the past, Twitter has done programmes for creative agencies also but not at scale.

Twitter claims to connect advertisers with a valuable audience when they are most receptive. People on Twitter are not passive; they’re open. They’re engaged, curious, want to listen, learn and discover new things. This makes them more receptive to your message. The audience on Twitter drives conversations and shapes culture.

According to the Brandscapes NeuroScience survey done for India in 2017, people pay 11% more attention when using Twitter in India versus other digital activity.

According to a Kantar report of 2017, nine out of 10 daily Twitter users in India influence purchases of friends and family versus seven out of 10 of all internet users. Kantar has also stated in one of its reports that 88% of India’s daily Twitter users are more likely to be the first to try new products versus 66% of the total online population.


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