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Kitchen brand Sleek launches first ad after joining Asian Paints family

Conceptualised by Madison BMB, the TVC shows the joys of the modern family enhanced by a modern, thoughtfully designed kitchen by Sleek

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Modular kitchens brand Sleek, from the house of Asian Paints, has launched a campaign with the tagline ‘Modern Kitchens for Modern Minds’. It is the first advertising campaign for the brand since becoming a part of the Asian Paints family.

Madison BMB from Madison World has evolved the concept of the campaign from an extensive consumer research where respondents equated modular kitchens with openness and modernity. Sleek Kitchens bring a high level of sophistication and functionality to spaces making them more efficient and modern. Products like the pull-out organiser and the step-ladder that fit in a fraction of the space a small stool would otherwise occupy, make it easier to reach items stored at a higher level.


The TVC is a slice from the everyday life of a truly modern couple. The story takes place in an urban Sleek kitchen in the home of a progressive couple. The father-son duo is seen navigating and working in the kitchen with ease and finesse, indicating that it isn’t their first time in the kitchen.

The father breezes through kitchen tasks while also teaching his son not only kitchen skills but also valuable life lessons through them. This is their own quality time in the absence of his wife at home. The wife returns home to see her son helping his dad set the table with a fresh meal. The son, on seeing his mom back from work in the doorway, immediately proceeds to take her bag – a gesture of help that no one taught him per se, but something he has learned along the way.


Pragyan Kumar, Vice-President, Home Improvement, Asian Paints Ltd., says, “At Sleek Kitchens, we strongly believe in being in sync with the times, and that design can play a vital role in supporting the demands of our new lifestyles. The ethos of ‘Modern Kitchens, Modern Minds’ drives our innovation effort, and that’s the value we bring to our consumers: well-designed kitchens that are not just beautiful, but also make things simpler and easy to use for all. Right from the concealed step ladder that provides easy access to those difficult to reach areas, smart chimneys and other appliances that make cooking a breeze or the overall kitchen design itself, every aspect and detail is thought through to ensure you get your dream kitchen. The joys of the modern family enhanced by a modern thoughtfully designed kitchen – that’s been the essence of Sleek and this TVC.”

Amit Syngle, Chief Operating Officer, Asian Paints Ltd., says, “Asian Paints’ foray into home improvement segment has been able to help us strengthen our vision of partnering people in creating beautiful homes. The kitchen as a space has transformed from a purely functional area to a place showcased with pride. Sleek’s ability to understand each customer’s requirement and build their dream kitchens fits in well with the overall Asian Paints vision.”


Raj Nair, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Madison BMB, says, “This is the relaunch of Sleek Kitchens, India’s most well-known Modular Kitchens brand, since becoming part of Asian Paints. The modernity in the design, the openness of the layout of the kitchen, the contemporariness in the aesthetics, the attention to detail, all thoughtfully combine to create a truly distinctive offering. Take for instance the mid-way organiser that makes for convenient stacking at arm’s length. Or indeed the extremely convenient and unobtrusive step ladder. Just a couple of ultra-thoughtful features designed to dazzle. Matched with the most modern appliances like the hobs, the exhaust, the oven, even a concealed fridge! When presented by a leader like Asian Paints, the modernity of design transfers to modernity of thought that appeals to the modern minds of today. Therefore, very simply, who says a man cannot rule a kitchen? And along the way impart a few important life lessons to his son? We look forward to the communication involving film/print/outdoor/point of sale material cooking up very positive feelings among consumers, considering the package was already a hit at the dealer launch.”

Kim Solomon, COO, Madison BMB, says, “To create communication for Sleek, we had a choice to do the most obvious – elaborate showcasing of the product only, or to also go a few steps ahead and create interesting storytelling as well. In this day and age, it is also important for the brand to have a larger point of view and express it. This is the stance of a true leader. What resulted is something that makes us truly proud to work for the Brand.”


The Film:


Client: Sleek, Asian Paints

Agency: Madison BMB


Raj Nair, CEO & Chief Creative Officer

Rohan Joseph, Creative Director

Vinod Rakhade, Associate Creative Director

Account Management:

Kim Solomon, COO

Sharon Faria, Account Manager

Director: Harsha Rao

Production House: Black Picture Co.


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