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Dailyhunt acquires Local Play to boost hyperlocal presence

The acquisition underscores Dailyhunt’s strategy of attracting new users in tier 2, 3 and 4 Indian cities and towns, who are always hungry to stay updated on all the latest hyperlocal happenings

Bengaluru-based Dailyhunt, the news and local language content application, has announced that it has acquired Local Play, a Bengaluru-based hyperlocal video content and news content application.

The acquisition underscores Dailyhunt’s aggressive strategy of attracting new users, residing in the real ‘Bharat’ — the tier 2, 3 and 4 Indian cities and towns—who are always hungry to stay updated on all the latest hyperlocal happenings.

Virendra Gupta, Founder, Dailyhunt, said, “We saw the need of hyperlocal content is still largely untapped despite the presence of a host of traditional and new age content platforms in India. The latest acquisition of LocalPlay is a part of our strategic focus to penetrate the next billion users of Bharat and build deep sustainable moats around our business and will position us even better as the go-to destination for local language content in India. Dailyhunt will further scale up and produce five million pieces of hyperlocal content annually, available exclusively on Dailyhunt, making it the largest hyperlocal news and content destination in the country.”

Gunjan Kejriwal, Founder, Local Play, said, “I am really excited to be a partner on this journey with Dailyhunt. We were working on a specific use case of hyperlocal content and realised that users have broader content needs and given that Dailyhunt has the right mix of original, professionally generated and now hyperlocal news content. It made strategic sense to join forces with them which makes DH the largest local content destination and a quintessential part of the daily lives of its users.”

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