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How Hema Malik reduces stress and finds her happiness with baking

For Malik, COO, Lodestar UM and Managing Director, Magna, baking is a therapy, and is a substitute to meditation, which encourages her to think about creative ideas to try in the kitchen and at office

Hema Malik

(TLC is celebrating some of the world’s most delicious cuisines through its short-format series – ‘Hungry for Home Cooked Food’. In line with this, the channel, in partnership with, is bringing to you stories featuring industry leaders talking about their passion for cooking.)

Cooking or baking has become a common cure for stress or when one feels low. Baking is very therapeutic and also a creative outlet. From baking breads to pies, there are many ways to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, be less dependent on others, be creative, and relieve depression. This is what Hema Malik COO, Lodestar UM and Managing Director, Magna, exactly feels and finds cooking a therapy and a gateway that reduces stress from day-to-day life.

Malik, who did her major in psychology, landed in advertising in 1995 after a four-month training stint at Lintas Media. In her 24 years of experience, she has handled clients such as Coke, MasterCard, Whirlpool, HCL, MetLife, Samsung and Dabur, among others. Besides being a trained painter, Malik is also a talented baker, dishing out one delicacy after another.

Speaking about the mantra she has taken from the kitchen to the boardroom, Malik said, “I push myself to outdo and not be repetitive. Doing so helps me focus better and be more mindful like how I do it while preparing a cake. At Lodestar UM, our USP is ‘Better Science, Better Art, Better Outcome’. What more synergies could I ask for?”

Malik believes that brands must leverage recipe content in a better way as an interesting recipe does a far more convincing job than a brand TVC.

In an interview with, Malik speaks about the way cooking has helped balance her life and her takeaway mantra from her kitchen to the boardroom.


How does your passion or hobby of cooking help you in life?

I am a baker by passion. Baking is my therapy, it helps me reduce stress and increase happiness. It’s my substitute to meditation. It helps me in my creative expression.

What are some learnings or mantras that you carry from your kitchen to the boardroom?

Baking is a science. You have to be precise when it comes to the temperature, the measurement and the sequence of steps and the precision, as both over and under can spoil your bake. The creativity comes in the form of frosting and decorating my cake canvas. Interestingly, our USP at Lodestar UM is ‘Better Science, Better Art, Better Outcome’. And what more synergies could I ask for. As a professional, it helps me focus better, be more mindful and pushes me to outdo myself and not be repetitive.

How has digital changed the landscape of cooking-related content?

Digital has made an impact across fields and the world of food is no exception. That is why you have Buzzfeed’s Tasty Cookbook with over 90 million+ FB followers or a ‘How to cook’ among the top 10 search keywords on YouTube. Digital has created a world of foodies consisting of chefs, home cooks, food stylists, bloggers, food photographers, tasters, critiques, etc. The ease of accessing content and exchanging stimulating thoughts and inspirations have helped to spread and embrace the food diversity across the globe. Watching food content is very satisfying to many and a serious learning ground for people like me. It allows you to follow and engage with your inspirations.   

How has brands’ approach towards cooking shows evolved over the years?

There is a lot of scope for brands to engage with cooking shows. We have come a long way but still have miles to go. Brands must leverage recipe content in a better way and do it consistently across platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, FB, etc. Interesting recipes do a far convincing job than a brand TVC. Our food experts have a great following but their influencing power is underleveraged.

Any home chef pop-ups that you have tried and liked?

I know of a few home-bakers who are appreciated more because of their personalisation, uniqueness, quality and hygiene and not to miss charge a premium to the well-known bakeries in the city.

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