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Urban Ladder brings out its quirky side by welcoming Ikea to India

The online furniture store took to Instagram to welcome Ikea on their launch day in India, wherein a bunch of Urban Ladder employees do the Indian head bobble and wish Ikea ‘Namaste’. The Instagram post garnered close to 3,000 views in an hour

On the launch day of Ikea in India on Thursday, Urban Ladder has decided to welcome the Swedish furniture and home accessories major via their social media with a tongue-in-cheek Boomerang Video of Urban Ladder employees doing the Indian head bobble and wishing them ‘Namaste’.

Urban Ladder's social media is known for their quirky and engaging posts and this is the latest in a series of their out-of-the-box social media activities.

Ikea too acknowledged the post on Instagram and responded saying "Tack for the warm welcome @urbanladder We are very happy to be here with you!," concluding a wholesome exchange between the two brands.

Commenting on the social media strategy, Ishavasyam Dash, Brand and Creative Head, Urban Ladder, said, "Ikea has achieved great things worldwide and we are excited to have them join our quest of organising the Indian furniture market and building great customer experiences. We wanted to give them a warm welcome, in our quintessential Indian style, and so we decided to create a video of the Urban Ladder team doing the well-publicised Indian head bobble, wishing them Namaste. We wish them the best of luck and are looking forward to the journey ahead with them.”

The Instagram post garnered close to 3000 views in an hour:

????????Namaste @ikea.india ???????? Welcome to India. ☺️☺️

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