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Nicotex can help control the urge to smoke

Conceptualised by Soho Square, the aim of the new TVC is to educate smokers on how Nicotex is able to support their willpower to quit the habit

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Nicotex launched a TVC for its Nicotine gum, showcasing those moments where smokers trying to quit the job tend to slip up and Nicotex supports their willpower to help them keep going.

Anshul Mishra, Category Director, Cipla, said, “Most smokers believe that only willpower can help them quit smoking. While having a strong willpower is essential, there are those special cigarettes or those moments where they get tempted to smoke and Nicotex can be a great support during that time. Through this TVC, we want to communicate that as your friend, Nicotex is here to support your willpower by helping you control the urge to smoke. Our main aim is to educate consumers as to how Nicotex is able to support their willpower by calling out the working action of the product.”

The advertisement is conceptualised and created by Soho Square, an Advertising and Marketing Communications agency, who also created the earlier TVC for the brand.

Anurag Khandelwal

Anurag Khandelwal, Executive Creative Director and Head, Soho Square, said, “Most smokers believe that willpower is the strongest ingredient to quit smoking. So, why fight that behaviour? Instead, complement the smokers’ willpower with the ability to control their urge to smoke. That is what we have brought alive in this piece of communication. In the most tempting of situations, a smoker can overcome his/her urge to smoke. After all controlling the urge is the first step to quitting smoking.”

The TVC:


Creative Team:

Chairman and CCO: Sumanto Chattopadhyay

Executive Creative Director and Head: Anuraag Khandelwal 

Senior Creative Director: Ankur Jain

Creative Director: Sanjay Ujawane

Creative Controller: Tiyasha Ray

CEO: VS Srikanth

President, Soho Square West: Samrat Bedi

Account Management:

Vice-President: Sachin Ramchandani

Management Supervisor: Pranay Rangra

Group Account Manager: Selvam Somasundaram


Film Manager: Shagun Dharia

Production House: Superfly Films

Director: Kopal Naithani

Producer: Samson Vasave

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