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Ogilvy partners with UN to fight plastic pollution

‘Useless people are useful.’ This tagline defies logic but make turn heads and force to think how useless can be useful. The idea was to drive home the message that ‘by using less plastic, people can be useful to the world’, and UN Environment and Ogilvy have done it beautifully

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UN Environment and Ogilvy have taken the route of a new thinking with a set of three films, each demonstrating how when we use less plastic, we become better.

‘Useless people are useful.’ It’s not just a catchy tagline, it defies logic. It makes people do a double-take. Makes them stop in their tracks and wonder how useless can be useful. And when it was revealed that ‘by using less plastic in their lives, people can be useful to the world’, the message was driven home powerfully.

For years, people have been implored to be more conscious and judicious in their use of plastic – bottles, bags, straws and cups. What started out as a convenient and cost-effective invention has started threatening the health of our planet and the future is alarming.

Say no to plastic. Use less plastic. Stop plastic pollution. The slogans started pouring in, but plastic use has anything but slowed down.

Change was the need of the hour. And often, the most productive way to effect change is by borrowing from the everyday by taking a common phrase, or an insight, and turning it on its head to drive home a simple, direct and powerful message. Thus came the insight of ‘useless people are useful.’

Sukesh Nayak

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India (West), said, “Turning the word useless and finding a new meaning from it to promote using less plastic is a great way of reminding people how simple acts can help save the environment. I am hopeful that the campaign line ‘useless log useful hain’ will catch on as a phrase and become a common refrain.”

Atul Bagai, Country Head, UN Environment India, said, “Over the years, Ogilvy has done an outstanding job of creatively highlighting environmental issues. So, when it came to World Environment Day theme Beat Plastic Pollution, they highlighted not just the problem of plastic pollution but also showcased the alternatives to it. These short films are witty, and we hope will encourage people to use less plastic and eventually refuse it.”

The TVCs:





Team Ogilvy:

Sukesh Nayak, Minal Phatak, Yogesh Mani Pradhan, Saurav Das, Vaibhav Patil

Team Absolute Films:

Director: Shlok Sharma

Executive Producer: Prafull Sharma

Producer: Sadhya Vyas

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