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Colors to bring back Naagin 3, will launch another fiction Roop

Naagin is returning on the weekend 8pm slot with a new twist. Roop-Mard Ka Naya Swaroop, which will be telecast on weekdays at 9pm, questions why society decides how men and women ought to behave

Colors has announced the launch of the third season of its fantasy fiction show Naagin for the weekend 8pm slot, and another fiction show Roop-Mard Ka Naya Swaroop for the weekday 9pm band.

Launching on June 2, Naagin 3 is a finite fiction series with supernatural mysticism at its core, just like the previous two seasons. Naagin has been the most popular show on the genre in its first two seasons. This mythical offering will witness a new ensemble star cast with actors like Karishma Tanna, Anita Hassanandani, Surbhi Jyoti, Pearl V Puri, Rajat Tokas, Ankit Mohan, Rakshanda Khan and Chetan Hansraj, among others. Naagin 3 has got Dabur Red Paste as the presenting sponsor and is produced by Balaji Telefilms.

Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma, Programming Head, Colors, said, “At Colors we are very excited about the new revenge drama of Naagin. As the tagline goes – ‘Is baar Intekaam ke honge saare hade paar, jab kahi roop badalkar karengi waar’, viewers will witness a bigger and new twist in the storyline.”

Ekta Kapoor, Joint Managing Director, Balaji Telefilms, said, “Naagin is a very special show for me and every season is unique with an intriguing plot to unveil. Keeping up with the expectations of our audiences, we hope to introduce a far more captivating concept combined with a stupendous star-cast. This is Ruhi’s tale as she plots her vengeance against her lover’s murderers. For this season, we have also enhanced the graphics and visual effects that will beguile the viewers like never before.”

Naagin 3 traces back to mythological origins and the belief that if someone kills a naag, its beloved (naagin) will surely return for vengeance. Ruhi (Karishma Tanna) is an Icchadhari Naagin who has been waiting for more than 100 years to be one with her lover Vikrant (Rajat Tokas). With an impending marriage and promises of lifelong togetherness, she is waiting to start her new life. However, the couple is suddenly attacked by a group of young men and Vikrant, who steps in to protect Ruhi’s modesty, is murdered. Thus begins a story of revenge for love wrapped in mystery.

Roop, which is going on air on May 28, aims to shatter stereotypes. The young eight-year-old boy Roop (played by Afaan Khan) questions sensitivities of a patriarchal society that decides how men and women ought to behave. Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, Roop hopes to change these age-old typecasts.

Sharma from Colors, said, “The most beautiful part about Roop’s character is that he’s been born into a family with three sisters. By default, he loves helping his mom and playing with his sisters, which in the real world isn’t considered appropriate for boys. As an eight-year-old boy, Roop is very confused as to why the universe is pushing girls to become inspectors, pushing girls to drive but look down upon boys who want to study home science, enjoy stitching or cooking. He’s very perplexed because his father is a daroga who thinks men should be very macho and should play with guns to show their manhood. Like our other shows on social issues, this one is going to touch upon the fact that why in the new world must a man establish his manhood through things, which are aggressive and violent.”

Rashmi Sharma from Rashmi Sharma Telefilms further elaborated, “We may believe that we have evolved towards modern thinking but the truth is that deep down, we still harbour certain preconceptions that go unquestioned. Why does our daughter get a kitchen set while the son plays with a car? This thought needs to be relooked and with Roop -Mard ka Naya Swaroop’, we are attempting to bring a positive change in the mindset that prevails in today’s society.”

Roop attempts to leave the idea of ‘Beti ko Beta Banao’ behind and embrace the idea ‘Bete ko Beti Jaise Banao’. The cast includes actors Afaan Khan, Yash Tong, Mitaali Nag and Vaishali Thakkar, Nikki Sharma, Ananya Agarwal and Tasheen Shah in pivotal roles.


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