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Sri Sri Tattva launches ‘Shuddhta Ka Naam’ campaign during IPL

Madison World has created three commercials for the brand’s products based on the essence of the organisation – purity of thought, action and products

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Sri Sri Tattva, the health and wellness FMCG brand, launched its new brand tagline ‘Shuddhta Ka Naam’ during the Indian Premier League 2018. Sri Sri Tattva reinforced its essence of purity through this campaign and aired three television commercials that captured the organisation’s purity of thought, purity of action and purity of its products. The television campaign (TVC) went on air from April 7- 8 across all its networks.

Sri Sri Tattva showcased its commitment to maintain the trust built over years by communicating the significance of purity, good health and happiness in one’s life. The TV commercial indicates how everything done with pure thoughts always turn out to be good and ultimately highlights the authenticity and pureness of the brand’s high quality products. The advertisement picturises pleasant moments in one’s life and the choices made with a pure and good intent. It captures a wedding, honeymoon and hunger scenario in its TV commercials.

Under the ‘Shuddhta Ka Naam campaign’, each advertisement ends with a heartfelt concept – ‘Shuddh vicharon se ki gayi har cheez achee hi hoti hai..., Sri Sri Tattva products jo bane hai, na sirf ati shuddh ingredients se, par shuddh vicharon se bhi…’

Sri Sri Tattva intended to highlight its brand proposition of pure thoughts and pure ingredients during the first match of IPL 2018.

Arvind Varchaswi, MD, Sri Sri Tattva, said, “Sri Sri Tattva Brand signifies the essence of purity. We have always strived to come out with responsible products that are of use to society at large and will continue to innovate and develop many more and live up to our communication ‘Shuddhta Ka Naam’. We are excited that we launched our three new episode advertisements during the IPL season.”

Tej Katpitia, CEO, Sri Sri Tattva, said, “We are happy to have launched our three latest television advertisements during the IPL 2018. Sri Sri Tattva believes in offering benefits of good health, wellness in its pure form and ultimately strives to bring happiness in the lives of its patrons. The new campaign unveils the brand’s new tag line ‘Shuddhta Ka Naam’, which captures our commitment of purity towards consumers across the country and reinforces their trust and appreciation of our offerings.”

Sam Balsara, Chairman, Madison World, said, “I am delighted to have Sri Sri Tattva as our client. We have created three commercials for their products based on the essence of our understanding of their organisation – purity of thought leading to purity of action and purity of brands. The campaign was launched during IPL season and I am sure it will do wonders for the brand.”

Raj Nair, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Madison BMB, said, “Sri Sri Tattva’s goal is very clearly outlined in their vision for the brand: To promote health and wellness to every household. While Sri Sri Tattva comes with a legacy rich in Ayurvedic tradition, the brand presents a truly holistic approach to health and wellness, which is carried forward to the amazingly diverse product range across food, personal care, lifestyle and home care as well. The accent on purity is something that is lived by, literally by the minute, at Sri Sri Tattva by all the stakeholders concerned. This led us to the understanding that purity of thought, ingredients and action was a promise that is truly espoused by the brand. Thereby came the tag line Shuddhta Ka Naam. The warm and endearing campaign currently consists of three films (to be followed by print and POS material and digital) revolving around the core idea of Shuddhta Ka Naam. The products focused on in the campaign are the Sri Sri Tattva personal care range, Sudanta non-fluoride toothpaste and the Sri Sri Tattva food range. All of which combine to bring a little bit more than welcome purity into all our lives.”

Kim Solomon, Chief Operating Officer, Madison BMB, said, “Developing the communication strategy for Sri Sri Tattva was fascinating and what emerged strongly establishes the brand in a unique and distinct position of advantage. For us it has been a truly inspiring journey.”

The TV ads will run in 30 and 35 sec formats and would be focused on personal care products, Sudanta toothpaste, and food products.

The Campaigns:

  1. Wedding: 

  1. Honeymoon:

  1. Who’s Hungry:


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