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Go local and make this Diwali a brighter one for at least one street vendor, says HP

The heart-warming campaign created by Autumn Worldwide shows the efforts of the local artisans who make diyas and requests its viewers to opt for diyas this Diwali. A small act of empathy can have a positive impact on someone else’s life

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HP India has launched a digital video on the occasion of Diwali, Umeed ka Diya, under its #TuJashnBan campaign. The video strikes an emotional cord to emphasise the need to buy products from local artisans and street vendors during Diwali. It resonates the message — ‘One small step taken by all of us can bring along a big difference in someone else’s Diwali’ and encourages the viewers to support the street vendors.

The three-minute video created by Autumn Worldwide shows the story of a child’s genuine concern for a street vendor, ‘Amma’ whose efforts to sell ‘diyas’ is not receiving good response. To help ‘Amma’, the child designs, prints posters with her image, with the help of HP notebook and printer, urging people to buy ‘diyas’ from her. This leads to increased footfall which helps ‘Amma’ to sell all her ‘diyas’. The necessity of a childlike innocence to help the local street vendors is fabulously captured in the video.

Neelima Burra

Neelima Burra, Country Marketing Director, HP India, said, “At HP India, we believe in giving back to the society, and Diwali is just the right festival for us to come up with this inspiring campaign; where technology acts as an enabler. It is heart-warming to see how a small act of empathy can have a positive impact on someone else’s life. We all should pledge to make this Diwali a brighter one for at least one street vendor out there.”

Sahil Trehan, Vice-President, Autumn Worldwide, said, “The Diwali season always witnesses a huge influx of campaigns to draw audience attention in varied ways. With this video, we wanted to highlight an emotional reason that can create a positive and tangible impact in people’s life. The idea about how small acts of kindness can create an impact on someone’s life. We hope this film can make a difference and people go and buy from street vendors, this Diwali.”

The video has been released on various digital platforms of HP Indi. It has gone viral with over 2.3 million views and more than 60 thousand shares on HP India social platforms alone in just two days.

HP India is also putting concerted efforts to promote the local street vendors by creating awareness through newspaper inserts, carrying their photo with the address. In addition to this, some of the major HP world stores will be lighted up by the ‘diyas’ purchased from street vendors.

The campaign:

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