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GEC Watch: Star Plus leads Urban market, Sony Entertainment Television No. 2 in Week 47

Star Plus shows a growth in all three markets, Zee Anmol continues to lead U+R, Rural

In Week 47 of BARC television ratings, Star Plus came out as the leading channel in Urban markets garnering the highest number of Impressions followed by last week’s leader, Sony Entertainment Television. Star Plus showed an overall growth in all three markets.

Zee Anmol led the combined U+R and Rural markets. Sony Pal and Colors showed a decline in the number of Impressions in all three markets.

Top channels in U+R market

According to BARC data, India HSM (Urban+Rural): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, for Week 47 (November 17-November 23) of 2018, Zee Anmol at the No.1 position, clocked 839.585 million Impressions (last week 772.355 million Impressions).

Star Bharat remained at No. 2 position recording 759.104 million Impressions (last week 714.851 million Impressions). Star Plus jumped to No. 3 position and garnered 707.398 million Impressions (last week 655.510 million). Star Utsav at No. 4 position clocked 706.312 million Impressions (last week 663.803 million Impressions). Zee TV remained at No.5 position, registering 686.850 million Impressions (last week 656.010 million Impressions).

Sony Pal dropped to No. 6 position, and garnered 600.897 million Impressions (last week 659.732 million Impressions). Colors remained at No. 7 and clocked 600.118 million Impressions (last week 613.069 million Impressions). Sony Entertainment Television at No. 8 registered 594.133 million Impressions (last week 598.255 million Impressions). Dangal TV jumped to No. 9 position registering 445.579 (last week 431.286 million Impressions). With this Sony Sab dropped to No. 10 position, and garnered 431.762 million Impressions (last week 469.953 million Impressions). 

Top shows in U+R market

Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya jumped to No.1 position logging 14.227 million Impressions (last week 12.798 million Impressions). Colors’ Naagin 3 dropped to No. 2 position and clocked 13.621 million Impressions (last week 13.164 million Impressions).

Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya remained at No. 3 position securing 11.608 million Impressions (last week 11.986 million Impressions). Star Bharat’s Radhakrishn at No. 4 registered 11.187 million Impressions. Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya remained at No. 5 position registering 11.143 million Impressions (last week 10.327 million Impressions).

Top channels in Urban market

In Week 47, Urban market was ruled by Star Plus. The channel jumped to No. 1 position, garnering 495.952 million Impressions (last week 445.487 million Impressions). With this, Sony Entertainment Television at No.2 position registered 446.561 million Impressions (last week 446.019 million Impressions). 

Zee TV jumped to No. 3 position and registered 419.733 million Impressions (last week 398.454 million Impressions). Colors dropped to No. 4 position clocking 412.030 million Impressions (last week 420.079 million Impressions). Star Bharat at No. 5 clocked 372.298 million Impressions (last week 345.975 million Impressions).

Sony Sab remained at No. 6 position and garnered 315.458 million Impressions (last week 341.477 million Impressions). Star Utsav at No. 7 logged 214.839 million Impressions (last week 206.050 million Impressions). Sony Pal remained at No. 8 position and clocked 172.893 million Impressions (last week 180.446 million Impressions). Zee Anmol at No. 9 position clocked 154.868 million Impressions (last week 140.620 million Impressions). &TV at No. 10, registered 114.770 million Impressions (last week 118.864 million Impressions).
Top shows in Urban market

Colors’ Naagin 3 at No. 1 position registered 9.093 million Impressions (last week 8.747 million Impressions). Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya at No. 2 garnered 7.378 million Impressions (last week 7.539 million Impressions). Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya remained at No. 3 garnering 6.826 million Impressions (last week 6.391 million Impressions). Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala at No. 4 position clocked 6.529 million Impressions (last week 6.307 million Impressions). Star Bharat’s Radhakrishn entered the top chart, garnering 6.003 million Impressions at No. 5 position.
Top channels in Rural market

Zee Anmol remained at No. 1 position and clocked 684717 million Impressions (last week 631.735 million Impressions). Star Utsav jumped to No. 2 position and registered 491473 million Impressions (last week 457.753 million). Sony Pal dropped to No. 3 position garnered 428.004 million Impressions (last week 479.286 million Impressions). Star Bharat at No.4 position garnered 386.806 million Impressions (last week 368.876 million Impressions).

Dangal TV remained at No. 5 position and clocked 349.965 million Impressions (last week 336.778 million Impressions). At No. 6, Rishtey logged 274.430 million Impressions (last week 292.921 million Impressions). Zee TV at No. 7 position clocked 267.118 million Impressions (last week 257.556 million Impressions). Big Magic at No. 8 position logged 246.805 million Impressions (last week 223.135 million Impressions). Star Plus remained at No. 9 position clocking 211.446 million Impressions (last week 210.023 million Impressions).  Colors at No. 10 position clocked 188.088 million Impressions (last week 192.990 million Impressions).

Top shows in Rural market

Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya remained at No.1 position and registered 11.974 million Impressions (last week 10.797 million Impressions). Zee Anmol’s Mehak jumped to No. 2 position, clocking 8.581 million Impressions (last week 7.186 million Impressions). Dangal TV’s Ramayan jumped to No. 3 position and registered 7.123 million Impressions (last week 6.217 million Impressions).

Star Utsav’s Rabba Ve entered in the top list and secured No. 4 position, registering 6.377 million Impressions.

Sony Pal’s Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma dropped to No. 4 position and clocked 6.263 million Impressions (last week 7.218 million Impressions).

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