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GEC Watch: Star Plus continues to rule urban markets

In Week 40 of 2018, Zee Anmol strengthens its position at the top in both U+R and rural markets. Star Bharat’s Radhakrushna debuts at No. 3 in combined markets

Zee Anmol further strengthened its position at the top in both U+R and rural markets with an increase in viewership in Week 40 of 2018 (September 29-October 5), shows BARC India data.

Star Plus ruled the Urban market. Rishtey couldn’t make it into top-10 in U+R markets as Dangal TV entered with 465.992 million Impressions, positioning itself at No.9. Sony Entertainment Television couldn’t find a place among top-10 channels in rural markets.

Among top shows, Star Bharat’s Radhakrushna debuted in this week’s top-5 shows list in U+R markets while Naagin 3 continued to rule the chart.

Top channels in U+R markets

According to BARC data, India HSM (Rural): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, for Week 40 of 2018, Zee Anmol topped the chart with 832.081 million Impressions (last week775.521 million Impressions). Star Utsav retained the No. 2 position, garnering 827.178 million Impressions(last week730.938 million Impressions).Star Bharat replaced Star Plus from No. 3 and collected 763.552 million Impressions (last week652.806 million Impressions). Star Plus was ranked No. 4 with 700.178 million Impressions (last week 674.836 million Impressions). Showcasing a growth, Zee TV stationed itself at No. 5 with 689.810 million Impressions (last week 613.238 million).

Dropping by one position, Sony Pal settled at No. 6 with 685.364 million Impressions (last week 645.457 million Impressions). Colors clocked 614.371 million Impressions acquiring No. 7 position (last week 634.604 million Impression). Sony Entertainment Television at No. 8 garnered 610.660 million Impressions (last week 594.293 million Impressions). Entering the chart, Dangal TV replaced Sony Sab from position No. 9 collecting 465.992 million Impressions. Sony Sab at No. 10 clocked 448.184 million Impressions (last week 456.625 million).

Top shows in U+R market

With an increase in viewership, Colors’ Naagin 3 maintained its No. 1 position with 14.641 million Impressions (last week 14.487 million Impressions). Going up in the graph from the last two weeks, Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya positioned itself at No.2 with 13.246 million Impressions (last week 12.092 million Impressions). Star Bharat’s Radhakrushna, debuting in this week’s top-5 shows list, garnered 13.017 million Impressions at No. 3. Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya at No. 4 clocked 12.814 million Impressions (last week 12.700 million Impressions). Kumkum Bhagya of Zee TV settled at No. 5 with 10.534 million Impressions (last week 10.714 million Impressions).

Top channels in Urban market

Maintaining the No. 1 position, Star Plus garnered 486.109 million Impressions (last week 461.929 million Impressions). Sustaining the No. 2 position, Sony Entertainment Television got 472.936 million Impressions (last week 445.792 million). Colors at No. 3 gathered 437.079 million Impressions (last week 445.474 million Impressions). Static at No. 4, Zee TV accumulated 424.332 million Impressions (last week 377.869 million). Star Bharat at No. 5 with 370.431 million Impressions showed a decent growth in numbers (last week 313.321 million Impressions). With a drop in one position, Sony Sab at No. 6 clocked 342.530 million Impressions (last week 336.108 million). At No. 7,Star Utsav collected 242.987 million Impressions (last week 220.367 million).

With an increase in numbers, the No. 8 position was taken by Sony Pal with 194.859 million Impressions (last week 188.659 million). Zee Anmol with 159.766 million Impressions was at position No. 9 (last week 149.286 million). With a slight decrease in numbers, &TV maintained itself at No. 10 with 130.435 million Impressions (last week 134.300 million).

Top shows in Urban market

Naagin 3 of Colors maintained itself at No. 1 position, gathering 9.901 million Impressions (last week 9.474 million Impressions). No. 2 was Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya with 7.930 million Impressions (last week 7.256 million). Sony Entertainment Television’s Kaun Banega Crorepati entered the chart acquiring 7.380 million Impressions at No. 3. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai of Star Plus at No. 4 lost out some numbers, gathering total of 7.376 million Impressions(last week 7.855 million). Making a debut in the last week’s chart, Kulfi Kumar Baajewala scored good 6.952 million Impressions at No. 5.


Top channels in Rural market

Static at No. 1 position, Zee Anmol showed an increase in numbers, gathering 672.316 million Impressions (last week 626.235 million). Maintaining the same No. 2 position, Star Utsav garnered 584.191 million Impressions for itself (last week 510.571 million) followed by Sony Pal at No.3 with 490.505 million Impressions (last week 456.799 million). Growing at a good pace, Star Bharat hopped to No. 4 position with 393.121milliom Impressions (last week 339.485 million). No. 5 was filled by Dangal TV with 370.139 million Impressions (last week 325.235 million).Dropping down to No. 6, Rishtey recorded 341.272 million Impressions (last week 345.575 million).Zee TV at No. 7 clocked 265.478 million Impressions. Same as last week’s position, Big Magic at No. 8 gathered219.090 million Impressions. Suffering a loss last week, Star Plus revived itself a tad with214.069 million Impressions (last week 212.907 million) at No. 9. Going down with numbers, Colors remained at No. 10 position with 177.292 million Impressions (last week 189.131 million).

Top shows in Rural market

Kumkum Bhagya of Zee Anmol gathered 10.686 million Impressions, maintaining its No. 1 position (last week 10.620 Impressions). Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma by Sony Pal grabbed 7.568 million Impressions (last week 7.249 million). Star Utsav’s Rabba Ve hopped to No. 3 clocking 7.207 million Impressions (last week 6.272 million Impressions). No. 4 position was filled by Mahek by Zee Anmol garnering 6835 million impressions (last week 6.577 million). Radhakrushna at No. 5 collected 6.591 million Impressions.

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