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Nivea sets out to put an end to ‘winter odour’ with a series of humorous films

The campaign had a two-fold objective - first, to make the audience aware of body odour in winters, without triggering their immediate “not me” response and second, to create a single campaign that reached out to both male and female audiences

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Nivea has kicked off its new campaign #EndWinterOdour with a series of short and humorous films that highlight the importance of solving the problem of body odour in winters.

Conceptualised by DigitasLBi, the campaign is based on the insight that the phenomenon of winter odour cuts across gender, lifestyle, and social status. The problem of body odour is usually associated with the hot and sweaty months of summer. In fact, people are surprised that body odour can strike even if it’s cold outside. In our effort to keep ourselves warm in winters by wearing multiple layers of clothes, sitting in front of a bonfire or drinking something hot, we forget that all this leads to sweating and hence body odour.

In a cluttered deodorants category where all brands talk about superficial fragrances, Nivea has tried to differentiate itself as a brand which provides real solutions. Nivea is trying to create year-long relevance for the category by driving usage of roll-on deodorants in winters to solve the problem of body odour at its source - the sweat under the sweater.

Sachin Killawala, Marketing Director, Nivea India, said, “There is a belief that people sweat only in summers and not so much in winters. Our research shows that this is not true. People wear multiple layers of clothing in winters such as warm innerwear, sweaters, jackets etc. due to which they actually sweat quite heavily and that leads to body odour formation. The Nivea roll-on campaign is targeted to make the consumers aware of this winter odour caused by the sweat under the sweater. With Nivea roll-ons they can now get the best protection against sweat and body odour.”

The campaign had a two-fold objective - first, to make the audience aware of body odour in winters, without triggering their immediate “not me” response. Second, to create a single campaign that reached out to both male and female audiences.

The key observation that led to the campaign was that body odour tends to be most obvious when one takes off their sweater or jacket. This helped in identifying situations where people were naturally inclined to take off their sweaters, and each film was crafted to bring out this ‘moment of truth’ in a fun way. Keeping in mind the sensibilities of both men and women, humour was the best way to tackle this.

The campaign consists of four films that end with a funny twist, triggered by the sudden realisation of the protagonist’s ‘winter odour’. From an everyday cab ride to a reunion party, the films are inspired by all those incidences where body odour tends to make its presence felt.

Mark Mcdonald

Mark Mcdonald, Head of Creative, DigitasLBi India, Mumbai, said, “Advertising a deodorant in winter is a first- of-its-kind communication for the category and for Nivea deodorants. Given that we are aiming to establish a phenomenon that most don’t think about, we chose to keep the creatives simple yet fun. The situations used were everyday life situations that our TG can relate to, with a funny twist at the end that highlights the problem of body odour, even in winter. The films are done as a series - One Winter Day - giving us the opportunity to tackle multiple situations where BO can strike.”

The slogan – #EndWinterOdour – serves dual purposes, creating awareness for the problem and giving it the scale of a movement spearheaded by Nivea. The films will be followed by a digital amplification plan aimed at educating audiences about the ‘winter odour’ phenomenon.

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Head of Creative, Mumbai: Mark Mcdonald

Associate Creative Directors: Siddhi Desai and Prajakta Giri

Creative Lead (Copy): Madhura Haldipur and Ankit Mathur

Creative Lead (Design): Yogeeta Pathai

Head of Strategy, India: Upasana Roy

Head of Account Management, Mumbai: Sabah Iqbal

Production House: Working I Films

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