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Axis Mutual Fund shows how to save tax and create wealth

Conceptualised by The Womb, the campaign educates consumers through a quirky lab experiment to not just think about saving tax but invest in ELSS to generate wealth too

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The Womb, as part of an investor education initiative for Axis Mutual Funds, conducted a humorous scientific experiment to prove how ELSSis not just helpful in saving tax but also in creating wealth. The campaign was recently released digitally.

Rohan Padhye

Rohan Padhye, Vice-President, Marketing Communication & Digital Marketing, Axis Mutual Funds, said, “The January to March period is typically the tax season during which everyone hankers around to save tax. We felt it’s important to educate consumers that they should not just think about saving tax, but invest for wealth creation too, through ELSS. ELSS has become all the more relevant today given the low-interest rates offered by traditional tax savings options. The endeavour was to inform consumers about this functional aspect in a simple and entertaining way. I have to say, we at Axis MF were pleasantly surprised when we first heard the idea of a science experiment. We thought we were hearing it wrong but it is the bizarreness that made us confident about the campaign.”

Suyash Khabya

On how he got the idea of a scientific experiment Suyash Khabya, Creative Partner, The Womb, said, “The root for the idea came from the medium itself. It was not a TVC; it was a digital media campaign, so we had to think accordingly. Social media is stuffed with boring, staged and uninspiring social experiments. In fact, it's become a format and the novelty has waned. So we just took a spin on it.”

Kawal Shoor

About the thinking behind the campaign, Kawal Shoor, Founding Partner, The Womb, said, “There are two audiences for this campaign. The first is the traditional ELSS target – the corporate salaried individual. For her, during the tax season, ELSS is ‘one of the options’ to invest in order to save tax. So we had to make ELSS top-of-mind. The second is the young trader/shopkeeper/service professional who, due to GST etc., has just come into the tax bracket. The pinch of paying high taxes from the ‘khoon-paseene ki kamaai’ for them is very real. We had to, through our work, tackle that sentiment too. Hence the ‘science experiment’ on an emotional issue.”

Navin Talreja

Speaking about the creative opportunity, Navin Talreja, Founding Partner, The Womb,said, “The Axis MF team was very clear that the communication should not feel like BSFI/financials at all. There are many investor education ads running in the market, it was important not just to stand out but make an impact on the consumer’s decision of picking a tax saving option that also creates wealth. Big kudos to the Axis MF team for walking the talk.”

The TVC:


Axis MF Team: Rohan Padhye, Ramanathan Sridhar

Co-Founders: Kawal Shoor, Navin Talreja

Account Team: Heval Patel, Aditya Patil

Creative Team: Suyash Khabya

Planning: Anakshi Dev Choudhury, Nakul Jayadevan

Director: Prashant Issar, Tubelight films

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