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Sunny Oil shows how oil is not unhealthy, can help build immunity

Conceptualised by The Womb, the campaign targets the homemaker who is always in search for the right nourishment for her child

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In an attempt to change the perception of edible oil being unhealthy and to break the clutter, Sunny Oil, a sunflower oil brand, has launched a campaign that portrays how oil can also help make immunity stronger. Releasing on TV, the campaign will be later seen across mediums.

Navin Talreja

Navin Talreja, Founding Partner, The Womb, said, “The opportunity in the category is immense, as for decades, there hasn’t been edible oil-related ‘news’. ‘Har niwala andar se tough banane wala’ targets the homemaker looking to give the best protection to the child and this delivered through oil– something which a child consumes three times a day– is refreshing news for mothers.”


The 40-seconder begins with a stop motion of a clay sculpture that withstands every kind of weather condition, only to get stronger. It draws an analogy with a real kid and a mother raising a child to moulding a sculpture out of clay. As the clay gets stronger after seeing light and rain, a child’s immune system can also get stronger by consuming a few vitamins and nutrients. With every morsel, the child gets tougher from within, reads the tagline, ‘Har niavala, andar se tough banane wala’.

Prashant Sarwade

Prashant Sarwade, Head of Marketing, Frigorifico Allana, said, “We at Sunny believe that right nourishment for children from an early age is critical for their healthy future. Sunny Oil enables the mothers to provide their children a balanced proportion of nutritive elements, thereby preparing them to face the environmental hardships.”

Suyash Khabya, Creative Partner, The Womb, said, “There are over 2,000 cooking oil brands in the country. How can we be different in our storytelling? We would be lost in the clutter if we did another ad with 'dining table conversations' or 'good looking cooking shots'. So, we took the insight and brought it to life in an emotionally stunning manner with stop motion, yet keeping it impactful.”

E Suresh, Director, Eeksaurus, said, “The creative on the film focuses on something out of the mundane, where the visual metaphor of the story is a clay sculpture that withstands the ever-changing harsh weather conditions, drawn as a parallel with a growing child instantly, made sense to me. To portray a mature visual language that complements the depth of the central concept was a challenge. But our technical team did our best to pull it off.”

The TVC:


Frigorifico Allana, CEO: Paul Thachil

Head of Marketing: Prashant Sarwade

Marketing Team: Sayantan Bose, Manish Rohra, Priyesh Kanani 

Agency: The Womb

Founder: Kawal Shoor

Co-Founder: Navin Talreja

Business Partner: Aditya Patil

Creative Partner: Suyash Khabya

Planning Partner: Jyothsna Yalapalli 

Production House: Eeksaurus

Director: Suresh Eriyat

Executive Producer: Nilima Eriyat

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