GEC Watch: Star Utsav takes top slot in U+R; Star Plus becomes urban leader

Zee TV rises to the No. 2 position in U+R markets while Star Plus overtakes Colors to take No. 5 position

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GEC Watch: Star Utsav takes top slot in U+R; Star Plus becomes urban leader

Star Utsav has become the leading Hindi general entertainment channels (GEC) in the U+R combined markets, followed by Zee TV at a No. 2, in Week 31 of 2018 (July 28-August 3). Star Plus overtakes Colors to take No. 5 position in the U+R markets.

As per BARC India data, Star Plus grabbed the leadership spot in the urban markets, displacing Colors to No. 2. Zee Anmol maintained leadership in the rural markets.

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Amongst the shows, Star Utsav’s ‘Rabba Ve’ entered the top shows’ list in the rural markets and it could have been a major driver in the channels’ growth to the top spot. On the other hand, Colors’ Naagin 3 continued to improve its viewership, even if the channel lost viewership.

Top channels in U+R markets

As per select BARC India data for Week 31 of 2018 (July 28-August 3) for HSM (U+R): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, Star Utsav continued to improve its performance and climbed another spot up to grab the leadership position garnering 672.028 million (last week 646.474 million) Impressions. Zee TV too grew significantly from its fourth position, to get the No. 2 spot in this week, clocking 662.938 million (last week 638.796 million) Impressions. Zee Anmol, in turn, slipped to the third spot in the U+R markets with 652.641 million (last week 673.461 million) Impressions. The channel has been displaced from the top spot after a very long time. At No. 4, Star Bharat grabbed 638.043 million (last week 644.544 million) Impressions, followed by Star Plus, at No. 5 with 629.941 million (last week 557.681 million) Impressions. Colors, slipped further to the No. 6 spot, garnering 602.352 million (last week 607.306 million) Impressions. Sony Pal was at No. 7 position, clocking 582.609 million (last week 603.033 million) Impressions, followed by Rishtey at No. 8 position with 526.501 million (last week 441.164 million) Impressions. Sony Entertainment Television was at No. 9 by clocking 498.865 million (last week 492.703 million) Impressions. Sony SAB at No. 10 grabbed 456.529 million (last week 431.641 million) Impressions.

Top shows in U+R markets 

Colors’ Naagin-3 clocked 16.677 million (last week 15.818 million) Impressions, leading the most watched programmes list in the U+R segment. As per select data {HSM (U+R): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800 - 2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, while Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya came in next with 13.148 million (last week 13.003 million) Impressions. Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya became the third most watched show by clocking 12.800 million (last week 11.961 million)  Impressions. At No. 4, Colors’ Dance Deewane clocked 11.426 million (last week 10.506 million) Impressions. Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya was at No. 5 that garnering 11.329 million (last week 11.922 million)  Impressions.

Top channels in urban markets

Star Plus improved its viewership significantly in Week 31 and reached the top spot in the urban markets with 450.504 million (last week 393.679 million) Impressions. Colors in turn lost close to 10 million Impressions slipping to No. 2, garnering 417.425 million (last week 427.615 million) Impressions. Zee TV, meanwhile, at No. 3 clocked 401.427 million (last week 383.818 million) Impressions. Sony Entertainment Television, at No. 4 spot grabbed 365.339 million (last week 357.903 million) Impressions, followed by Sony SAB at No. 5, that clocked 345.253 million (last week 341.484 million) Impressions. At No. 6, Star Bharat garnered 315.840 million (last week 286.070 million) Impressions. Star Utsav at No. 7 garnered 195.834 million (last week 189.557 million) Impressions, followed by Sony Pal that stood at No. 8 with 177.778 million (last week 186.855 million) Impressions. Zee Anmol at No. 9 registered 139.693 million (last week 142.403 million) Impressions. Rishtey was at the last spot clocking 137.558 million Impressions.

Top programmes in urban markets

Colors’ Naagin-3 remained the most watched show in the urban markets with 10.794 million (last week 10.551 million) Impressions. As per select data {HSM (urban): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800-2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya stayed at the second spot in the most watched shows list, by clocking 8.025 million (last week 7.935 million) Impressions in the urban market. Colors’ Dance Deewane climbed to No. 3 with 7.722 million (last week 7.202 million) Impressions, Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya stood at No. 4 with 7.642 million (last week 7.509 million) Impressions, followed by Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai that garnered 7.403 million (last week 6.795 million) Impressions.

Top channels in rural markets

Zee Anmol held on to the top spot with 512.949 million (last week 531.058 million) Impressions. Star Utsav was at No. 2 position garnering 476.194 million (last week 456.917 million) Impressions. Sony Pal stayed at No. 3 in rural markets garnering 404.831 million (last week 416.177 million) Impressions. Rishtey was at No. 5 position with 324.550 million (last week 337.599 million) Impressions. Rishtey climbed a spot up, to reach No. 4 with 388.943 million (last week 324.550 million) Impressions. Star Bharat, at No. 5 in the rural markets, recorded 322.204 million (last week 334.745 million) Impressions. Dangal, at No. 6, clocked 307.573 million (last week 279.196 million) Impressions. Zee TV which stayed at No. 7 with 261.511 million (last week 254.978 million) Impressions. Big Magic followed with 198.768 million (last week 185.771 million) Impressions. Colors at No. 9 clocked 184.927 million (last week 176.961 million) Impressions. Star Plus, at No. 10, garnered 179.438 million (last week 164.002 million) Impressions.

Top programmes in rural markets

Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya was the most watched show in the rural market grabbing 9.351 million (last week 9.911 million). Sony Pal’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah that clocked 6.426 million (last week 6.779 million) Impressions, stood at No. 2. Star Utsav’s Rabba Ve entered the top five shows’ list for the first time at No. 3, garnering 6.196 million Impressions. Colors’ Naagin-3 that stayed at the fourth spot in the rural markets gathered 5.883 million (last week 5.267 million) Impressions, followed by Zee Anmol’s Mehak that stood next with 5.662 million (last week 6.728 million) Impressions.

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