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GEC Watch: IPL hits pay channels as FTAs take top five slots in U+R

While Zee Anmol maintained its position at the lead of U+R and rural markets, Colors reclaimed its top spot in urban list

In the Week 16 of 2018 (April 14-20), all the pay Hindi general entertainment channels (GECs) have lost significant viewership numbers as IPL 2018 has hit them in Urban markets. The top five rankings in the U+R markets were claimed by the free-to-air GECs, and the pay channels stood at the trailing five positions.

While Zee Anmol maintained its position at the lead of U+R and rural markets, Colors reclaimed its top spot in urban list. Rishtey has gained significant numbers and has improved its rankings across markets.

The finale episodes of Colors’ Rising Star Season 2 clocked impressive numbers in week 16. The other rankings amongst the top shows remained similar.

Top channels in U+R markets

As per select BARC India data for Week 16 of 2018 (April 14-20) for HSM (U+R): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, Zee Anmol stayed at the top spot in the U+R markets with 714.895 million (last week 676.300 million) Impressions. Star Bharat too remained at No. 2 with 629.922 million (last week 669.207 million) Impressions. Rishtey gained as much as 160 million Impressions and climbed to No. 3 with a gross viewership of 626.201 million (last week 461.718 million) Impressions. In turn, Sony Pal slipped to No. 4 position clocking 600.021 million (last week 649.574 million) Impressions. Star Utsav slipped to No. 5 position garnering 523.373 million (last week 568.047 million) Impressions. Zee TV at No. 6 got 506.179 million (last week 516.099 million) Impressions. Colors improved its position and climbed to No. 7 with 494.038 million (last week 451.207 million) Impressions, followed by Star Plus that slipped to No. 8 position with 457.220 million (last week 465.655 million) Impressions. Sony Entertainment Television stayed at No. 9 by clocking 354.487 million (last week 341.584 million) Impressions. Separated by a difference of 10 million, Sony SAB remained at No. 10 with 344.705 million (last week 341.285 million) Impressions.

Top shows in U+R markets

As per select data {HSM (U+R): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800 - 2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya stood at the top by clocking 11.721 million (last week 10.892 million) Impressions. Three shows of Zee TV stood next – Kundali Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya and Ishq Subhan Allah with 10.331 million Impressions, 8.594 million Impressions and 8.276 million (last week 8.230 million) Impressions, respectively. Star Plus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai grabbed the fifth spot, gathering 7.411 million Impressions.

Top channels in urban markets

Back to the top spot in the urban markets, in the Hindi general entertainment channels (GECs) ranking in the urban markets, Colors garnered 355.118 million (last week 325.641 million) Impressions. Star Plus maintained its position at the second spot in the urban markets with 323.484 million (last week 328.826 million) Impressions. Star Bharat garnered 316.206 million (last week 334.721 million) Impressions, having slipped to No. 3. Zee TV, stayed at No. 4 in the list of most-watched channels on Hindi GEC in urban markets, clocking 314.519 million (last week 315.698 million) Impressions. Sony SAB that garnered 272.393 million (last week 259.337 million) Impressions, stood at No. 5, while Sony Entertainment Television, stayed at No. 6 spot with 259.743 million (last week 251.483 million) Impressions. Sony Pal was at No. 7 with 200.008  million (last week 224.381 million) Impressions. Rishtey significantly improved its numbers by climbing at No. 8 clocking 193.689 million (last week 145.941  million) Impressions. Zee Anmol stayed at No. 9 with 168.248 million (last week 163.044 million) Impressions. Star Utsav slipped to No. 10 garnering 160.747 million (last week 173.241 million) Impressions.

Top programmes in urban markets

As per select data {HSM (urban): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800-2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya has grabbed the top spot in the most watched shows list, by clocking 6.392 million Impressions in the urban market. Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah clocked 5.379 million (last week 5.113 million) Impressions at No. 2. Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai grabbed the third place with 5.368 million (last week 5.272 million) Impressions. At No. 4 was the finale episode of Colors’ singing reality show Rising Star season 2 with 5.342 million (last week 4.780 million) Impressions. Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya garnered 5.335 million Impressions, at No. 5.

Top channels in rural markets

Zee Anmol held on to the top spot with 546.647 million (last week 513.256 million) Impressions. Rishtey climbed to No. 2 position with 432.512 million (last week 315.776 million) Impressions. Sony Pal was at No. 3 in rural markets garnering 400.012 million (last week 425.192 million) Impressions. Star Utsav slipped to the fourth position garnering 362.626 million (last week 394.805 million) Impressions. Star Bharat at No. 5 in the rural markets recorded 313.716 million (last week 334.4 million) Impressions. Zee TV climbed to No. 6 with 191.659 million (last week 200.400 million) Impressions. Dangal slipped to No. 7 by clocking 181.551 million (last week 205.508 million) Impressions. Big Magic followed with 181.306 million (last week 185.872 million) Impressions. Colors at No. 10 clocked 138.919 million (last week 125.565 million) Impressions. Star Plus slipped to No. 10 with 133.736 million (last week 136.828 million) Impressions.

Top programmes in rural markets

Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya and Ganga became the two most watched show in the rural market grabbing 9.611 million (last week 8.903 million) and 5.501 million (last week 6.157 million) Impressions, respectively. Next three spots were grabbed by Sony Pal’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, CID and Baalveer with 5.434 million (last week 6.028 million) Impressions, 4.826 million (last week 5.371 million) Impressions and 4.790 million (last week 4.853 million) Impressions.

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