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Avoid the glare, choose the right light, says Philips in new campaign

In its latest ad conceptualised by Havas Media, Philips wants people to evaluate LEDs beyond the rationale of cost and positions itself as a light that can have a well-being effect

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Lighting up the house is a practice not just limited to the elite class. With so many options of affordable lights available, everyone is illuminating their homes in the best and most stylish possible way. And helping them is Philips, which has been continuously innovative and consistent in developing and launching different products.

As the country shifts to LED, it is now becoming almost like a people’s movement with most households opting for these over traditional lights primarily to deal with rising energy costs.

Philips has been commanding a strong equity among the branded players in the LED category, in which Chinese players are playing the price game and leaving very little room for differentiation.

In this sea of sameness, Philips wanted to elevate the brand conversation and go beyond the rationale of savings and brightness and own the ‘thought leadership stance’. In its new campaign, Philips this year wants people to evaluate LEDs beyond just the rationales and position itself as the ‘Right Light’, essentially lights that can have a well-being effect.

In a category where the motivators outweigh barriers to usage, industry reports pointed out that one of the top barrier of LED lights as a category is that it is ‘high on glare’. Further, being a low involvement category, most consumers are oblivious that wrong light can affect performance and productivity. This is the point Philips wants to drive home through this campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight the effects of using wrong light on performance of people, whether at home or offices. And true to its brand personality and brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor, it had to be done in a light-hearted manner.

Ipshita Chowdhury, Director Marketing and Head of Marketing Communications, Philips Lighting, said, “The LED category is growing rapidly with consumers leapfrogging and getting into the fold as the benefits of brightness and savings have clearly been established. Brand differentiation is the journey we embarked upon last year wherein we started from the fundamental role apt light can play in a consumer’s life and well-being. Therefore, the proposition of ‘right light’, moving the conversation away from just brightness and emphasising that it is eventually the ‘right light’ that matters.”

She continued, “This year, our campaign is an evolution over last year wherein the attempt is to take the payoff beyond rational into the emotional space of ‘right light - future bright.’ Aspiration and progress as core values of Indian consumers are the fundamental triggers behind the campaign. And humour is the execution route we have taken to build in memorability,” she added.

Two films are being released by the brand and both take a humorous route to pass on the message.

Chandana Agarwal

“We started on the journey of differentiating our lights on the basis of glare last year. It was a big step to link tiredness of eyes to inappropriate lighting. This year’s communication builds on this proposition further and brings it alive interestingly,” said Chandana Agarwal, Managing Partner, Ogilvy & Mather Delhi.

Ajay Gahlaut

Talking about the ad, Ajay Gahlaut, Deputy CCO, Ogilvy India added, “… while light helps us see things, but more often than not, we fail to see how the glare from ordinary light can be harmful to the eyes. So the brief was to tell people how only the right light is low on glare and is comfortable for the eyes, and therefore their future.”

While the TVC is on air across GEC, movies, news and regional channels, building on the communication, Havas Media, the brand’s media agency, is doing active integrations within family drama and serials to educate the importance of right light through experiential learning.

The TVC:


Creative Directors: Vikash Chemjong, Basab Tito Majumdar

Planning Team: Sarabpreet Bedi (creative) and Chandradeep Kumar (media)

Production House: Nirvana Films

Director: Rajiv Rao

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