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Amazon asks us to spare some time, create memories with loved ones this festive season

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Bangalore, the film announces the onset of The Amazon Great Indian Festival. Two films in Hindi and Tamil have been shot separately. One addresses the southern markets and the other is for the rest of India, albeit with the same storyline

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Families, communities, groups and social engagements are the heart and soul of celebrations, especially in India. Taking up on this insight, Ogilvy Bangalore has conceptualised a heart-warming campaign for Amazon to mark the onset of its annual discount season – The Amazon Great Indian Festival.

The campaign announces the arrival of the Great Indian Festival. The campaign, #KaroMilkeTayyari, looks at the reality of our lives today – the constant hustle-bustle and family members scattered around the country, and the preparation for the festival that was once done together, now no longer being the norm. The campaign celebrates the joy of preparing together for the festive season, irrespective of where the family members are and how Amazon plays the role of an enabler in making this happen.

The campaign also shows how the festival is celebrated differently in different parts of India. This has manifested in the creation of two completely different campaigns, one addressing all the southern markets and a second meant for the rest of India, albeit with the same storyline.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, Bangalore the campaign has been directed for the Southern region by Jerald Packiaswamy of Still Water films and the campaign for the rest of India, by Anupam Misra of Crazy Few Films.

Ravi Arun Desai, Director, Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India, said, “This festive season, we wanted to remind India that the lead up and preparation for any festival is just as exciting and memorable as the festival itself – an opportunity to strengthen bonds that matter. From choosing what to buy for your loved ones, renewing our homes with products that were earmarked for purchase during the next Dusshera/ Diwali, and buying products specifically required for the festival itself, preparations play a critical role in making the festive taiyyari memorable.”

He further added, “Through our campaign, we want to urge people to take time off and invest it in creating memories with their loved ones. While Amazon India is a preferred destination for most people for their shopping, #KaroMilkeTayyari aims to remind people of the importance of the human connect, whilst we take care of your shopping needs.”

The two films, both Tamil and Hindi, have a common plot where a sister is asking her brother’s suggestion for festive preparations and parents’ gifts. It is visible that the two siblings are affectionate about their families, though they stay away from home for work. The sister convinces the brother to cancel his business commitments to go out of the way and attend the festivities at home, by sending him a suitcase from Amazon. Hence, #KaroMilkeTayyari.

Azazul Haque

Azazul Haque, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Bangalore, said, “In India festivals are not just a one-day event. And especially in this festive period, the preparations for the festival are as important and exciting as the day of festival itself. And being together in these festive preparations is as important as being together for the festival. But in the new social fabric the families are now scattered all over. And preparing together and being together with family on festivals nowadays looks like a Herculean task.”

Haque further explained, “And online shopping gives us the possibility of shopping together even if we are not together. So we thought of proposing the idea of preparing together for the festivals through Amazon even if one is physically not present with other family members.”

“The TVC campaign is episodic and tells the story of how a family gets the joy of preparing together and finally manages to celebrate the festival together through Amazon. The storytelling is emotional in nature and we hope various stories and films of the campaign will move the audiences enough to be together and prepare together and make Amazon almost a family member who is as much a part of the preparations as the other members are.”

Kiran Ramamurthy

Kiran Ramamurthy, Executive Vice-President, Ogilvy Bangalore, said, “In a festival-rich milieu, it is a challenge to find an insight that is fresh. And when, during consumer immersions, we discovered this rich territory of the joy of the festival getting magnified by the planning and preparation leading up to it, we knew we were on to something. The icing on the cake for this campaign has been in responding to the client mandate of finding two distinct region-specific expressions of the campaign.”

Led by TVCs, the campaign also includes digital, print, outdoor and radio.

The TVCs:

Hindi theme film:

Tamil Theme Film:


Creative Team: Azazul Haque and Mahesh Gharat, Chief Creative Officers; Mukesh Kumar, Deepesh Rajani, Deepak Tammaiah, Gururaj Biradar, Swetha Ajit

Planning Team: Kiran Ramamurthy, Executive VP; Sreenesh Bhat, Senior VP; Shreyaa Ranjan

Client Servicing Team: Kamala Gowri, Abhijna E Rao

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