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Motilal Oswal shows how if you focus on one thing, you master it

To celebrate its focus on equity and wealth creation, the company has rolled out its latest brand campaign, conceptualised by Mullen Lintas Mumbai, to position itself as an equity investing expert

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Once a mentor of mine told me, “The perfection in your output is how many times you have done it before.”

In a lot of unrelated incidents, we have often seen jugglers with their marvellous colourful toys, the newspaper guy counting copies before we can blink an eye or the rumali roti wala who will twirl the roti in the air and when you feel that it will drop, he grabs it and puts it on the pan, perfectly.

There are thousands of such anecdotes that we see, observe and sometimes ignore every day. Motilal Oswal Financial Services’ new ad film has put together a beautiful montage of such perfectionists of daily lives, bringing the positioning of ‘real expert in investing’.

Motilal Oswal Financial Services, over a period of three decades, has provided products and advice to help create wealth through equity investing. To celebrate its focus on equity and wealth creation, the company has rolled out its latest brand campaign to position itself as an equity investing expert.

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas Mumbai, the brand film establishes the role of the company as an expert in equity and equity mutual funds.

The film traces incidents where a clerk at an office who’s faster than a machine in processing paperwork or construction workers at a building site who get their job done or a chef at an hotel who gets his chore done in the blink of an eye or even a barber, a bar-tender, a street food vendor, and so on. All these individuals go on to show that “if you focus on one thing for a long time, you master it”. That’s what has driven Motilal Oswal to emerge as leaders in equity investing.

Ramnik Chhabra

Commenting on the brand ideology and brief given to the agency, Ramnik Chhabra, Marketing Director, Motilal Oswal, said, “Drive by our office at night and it will be lit green or red depending on how the stock markets have performed that day. Instead of ‘Up-Down’ buttons, our elevators have visuals of Bulls and Bears. We have one of the largest equity research departments in the industry. All the money of the company and promoters is invested only in equity. Needless to say; we are an ‘only equity focused’ investing house. This focus has helped us create a unique stock picking methodology (QGLP) to create wealth. The aim of the film is to, well, focus on this focus. And hence present Motilal Oswal as the equity expert you should think of, if you are thinking about investing in equity.”

Garima Khandelwal

Garima Khandelwal, ECD-Mullen Lintas, said, “Let's celebrate skill, and the passion to do what you do every day and become the boss of it. The flair, rhythm and style make it unique especially for the financial category. And that’s the contrast that excited us, for our clients. Motilal Oswal has mastered equity, and that is the single minded message we needed to put out loud and clear, hopefully entertaining all as they watch it.”

Ayyappan Raj

Ayyappan Raj, EVP, Mullen Lintas, added, “The client’s brief was quite simple and in a way very fundamental – we have been in the business of equity for 30 years and we’re really good at it. They pushed us to make this point in the most interesting way. What we’ve tried is exactly that, to make a point about how Motilal Oswal has been very successful with equity over the last 30 years. In a manner that’s fresh to the category and makes for enjoyable viewing. It was great working with the brand team on this campaign and they’ve been quite supportive of seeing this idea in the best possible form.”

The film will be launched on popular online and offline mediums and will span TVC, print, radio and digital.

Peer reviews:

Vipin Dhyani

Vipin Dhyani from Thought shop is amazed by the stickiness of the film. He applauds it by saying, “The TVC has a very single-minded, amusing hook to it. It is able to communicate very sharply the fact that ‘when you focus on one thing, you master it’. I would admire the element of using a strong bridging line (at Motiwal Oswal, we have spent 30 years focusing only on equity) before the sign off appears as ‘Think equity, Think Oswal’. It’s an example of a potent thought, well portrayed through a visual narrative with a quirky track in the background.”

Akshay Menon

Akshay Menon, Co-Founder, Three Bags Full, also liked the film and had good words to say about it. “I think it's a clean and simple film. Fun to watch, and blows fresh air into the category. It's very important to cut through all the information and arrive at a single-minded brief. I would congratulate the client for achieving that. When it comes to films, we tend to get over ambitious and greedy. We want to say too many things at a time. In the end, creating a cluttered piece of communication that appeals only to a few in the boardroom. This might just help us think through the mess. Keep it up, Motilal.”

On the execution part of the concept, Dhyaani, said, “We all have a tendency to fix a gaze when we see a certain pattern in any activity around us. It amuses, excites and engages when we see like an act of juggling balls, or a newspaper vendor aims his newspaper for a certain balcony, a bartender shows his amazing skills to prepare drinks and the likes of it. The very rhythm of an act happening flawlessly grips us every time. The real courtesy goes to the practice and focus involved in it. If you see, even the camera must have enjoyed filming the process. Overall it’s an interesting audio-visual treat.”

Mihir Chitre

Mihir Chitre, Group Creative Head, What's Your Problem, also gave a thumbs up to the ad, and said, "It's a decent piece to highlight the experience the brand has in its domain. The thought is universal and easily acceptable. However, at the same time, it doesn't come from the category even. Any brand that's been around for years could say something like this. For instance, the same communication could work for Ford, Britannia, ITC and so many other brands that have been around for years. Besides, this ad caters only to the people who are already looking to invest in equity as it doesn't explain equity at all, which is fine. So although someone cutting a fruit so fast or making rotis like that is interesting, I think the thought isn't the sharpest."

The TVC:


Client Team: Ramnik Chhabra, Charles Nadar

Creative Agency: Mullen Lintas

Creative Team: Creative Team: Shriram Iyer, National Creative Director, Garima Khandelwal, Satish Sethumadhavan, Angud Bhalla, Trishna Parkash, Ripanka Kalita

Account Management: Ayyappan Raj, Manish Somani, Akshata Krishnamurthy

Planning: Ekta Relan, Pallavi Bhosale

Production House (Director): Nirvana Films (Kishore Aiyyar)

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