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Ogilvy brings OgilvyRed Consulting to India

OgilvyRed, which has been hugely successful across the world, offers consultancy to clients on what and how should a digital step be taken

(L-R) Rohan, Debarghya, Sonia and Kunal

Ogilvy India has announced the launch of OgilvyRed, a new consulting arm that brings together senior strategic specialists to consult on digital transformation for brands in India.

The team was operational for the past one year and has been working closely with Ogilvy India, offering consultancy to their clients as and when needed. OgilvyRED works with the Aditya Birla Group where it partners with the company to drive their customer centricity transformation agenda.

The group already has OgilvyOne, which is its digital agency. OgilvyRed is not a digital agency, but it is about consulting clients on what and how should the digital step be taken. The consultancy arm will focus on solutions with consumer at the centre of all the initiatives. OgilvyRed will pitch for its own standalone clients and also along with the Ogilvy & Mather.

Through its five specialist service offerings – digital transformation consulting, data and marketing analytics consulting, marketing technology consulting, innovation consulting and e-commerce consulting – OgilvyRed will help clients find answers to questions such as:

*How do we move from product-driven marketing to customer centricity?

*How do we drive digital experiences that matter and deliver business value?

*What would be the lifetime value of our customers?

*Which innovation territories will create the most value?

*How do we create a digital, social, and mobile enterprise?

*What’s the right marketing technology to use?

*How can we lift our e-commerce sales?

*How do we calculate our real marketing ROI?

Sonia Khurana, Senior VP at OgilvyRed Consulting, who addressed the press at the launch, said, “There couldn’t have been a more opportune time to introduce OgilvyRed Consulting in India. India is one of the largest and fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Rapid adoption of digital by consumers is continuously changing the way they behave and what they expect. The big challenge for companies is how to grow brand and business value through relevant, connected and innovative consumer experiences. Our world-leading customer insights, combined with marketing transformation expertise, help us frame problems through the eyes of the customer, identify customer-led solutions and create new business models for growth.”

Khurana added, “A lot has changed with the advent of digital, than what meets the eye. Earlier the brands used to think ‘how we are selling’ now the conversation has shifted to ‘how consumers are buying’? We don’t work on a model where we hand over the plan and project to the client and ask them to implement the changes for a certain transformation. We have the capability of implementing this end to end.”

About how OgilvyRed stands out from the other agencies of the network, Khurana added, “We have been delivering digital experiences for a while, but a lot of it is related to the top of the funnel, which includes awareness, consideration and preference. OgilvyRed will operate at the bottom of the funnel, which is sales and post sales.”

The OgilvyRed team has Khurana at the helm, with Debarghya Das as Principal Consultant, Marketing Transformation, Rohan Jaiswal, Senior Consultant, Data Strategy and Analytics and Anand Morzario to head Technology who will be based in Hyderabad. There is a 50-member team working towards this.

Kunal Jeswani, CEO, Ogilvy India, commented at the launch, “Now, more than ever, brands need to take a transformative approach to connect with consumers. There are many challenges that our clients face today that cannot be solved by a traditional agency approach. Ogilvy has a long-standing history of helping clients stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all things digital. Now, with OgilvyRed, we have the unique ability to investigate every aspect of consumer experience and influence it deeply. The world of ‘consulting’ has always been about strategy devoid of any accountability for execution. The difference with OgilvyRed is that it is a digital transformation consultant deeply tied in with Ogilvy’s ability to execute with creativity, impact and speed.”

OgilvyRed Consulting has been hugely successful in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. In India, it will initially operate from Mumbai and offer its services to clients across the country.

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