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LIA introduces regionals 'Of the Year' Awards

London International Awards (LIA), a global festival honouring creativity and new ideas in advertising, production, digital, design, music and sound and technology, is all set to recognise the best in each region

The London International Awards (LIA) has announced the introduction of Regional ‘Of the Year’ awards in addition to the Global ‘Of the Year’ awards. The best in each region will receive a LIA Statue. Like the Global ‘Of the Year’ awards, winners are based on a point system. The regions recognised will be: Oceana (Australia and New Zealand), Asia, Europe, Middle East/Africa, North America and South America. The initial entry deadline is June 12.

Industry professionals said that winning a Regional ‘Of the Year’ award from a global festival would be a higher honour than winning a local/regional show.

The regional awards will mirror the same company types as the global awards. LIA will potentially award statues for the following Regional ‘Of the Year’ awards inclusive of but not limited to: Network of the Year, Agency, Production Company, Post-Production Company, Design Company, Independent Agency, Radio & Audio and Health Company of the Year.

Over the past few years, LIA has had many requests to add regional award competitions. After much discussion, LIA decided it would not be prudent to add new competitions that compete with already established local and regional shows. Hence, they decided to break out the global winners and honour them by region.

‘Of the Year’ Awards are calculated on what is populated in the company credit fields. The city must be included when relevant. LIA uses all company credit fields when calculating points regardless of entering company, media or category. Like the global ‘Of the Year’, awards are discretionary based on the number of points attained; there is no guarantee of awarding all ‘Of the Year’ types in all regions.

Icaro Doria, CCO of DDB New York, said, “This is an amazing initiative from LIA to truly honour talent. No company should be punished for not being global and LIA found a very fair way to put a spotlight on the ones that are doing the best work in the industry.”

“Companies enter awards to promote themselves to brands, the more awards you win, the more clients you attract. Winning a coveted ‘Of the Year’ winged statue in your own region will give you the recognition you deserve in the eyes of not just your peers, but also current and potential clients,” said Barbara Levy, President of LIA. 

Guido Heffels from Heimat Berlin added, “When I first heard about the announcement of regional LIA accolades, I immediately thought of this famous and immortal tagline for Fox Sports Regional and dared to revise it: ‘An award for the only region you care about. Yours.’ Let’s face it. It’s so damn true, especially when you are an independent regional agency that has better things to do than to compete against global networks. In a globalised world of too many award shows, this newly introduced regional award puts the spotlight on the right agencies and people. Those of the upcoming future.”

LIA received a number of feedbacks from some of the most respected industry people.

Matt Eastwood, J. Walter Thompson said, “It provides an opportunity for regional agencies and production companies to be recognised for their creative excellence is a wonderful addition to the already prestigious LIA Awards. It allows the best of local to sit side by side with the best of global.”

“It's hugely valuable to understand where the best work is coming from, especially if it's happening on your doorstep. LIA doesn't only recognise agencies, but all the people behind the work too. Inspiration, plus a brilliant way of tapping-in to the region's finest talent. Big thumbs up,” said Gerry Human, Ogilvy & Mather, London.

Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Jung von Matt Germany, added, “The new LIA Regional ‘Of the Year’ award is a great opportunity to evaluate the creative power of the European countries among themselves. It is a fantastic idea, to make this comprehensible for the industry sectors, but still in the context to LIA in general. It will create a new benchmark in the European communication market.”

Tom Eymundson, Pirate Toronto, said, “It’s impossible to win Best in Class when you’re up against the Global Network Behemoths. Think again. In an international award show first, LIA recognises Best in Class by market!  A calling card that’s sure to be a game changer for many.”

John Mescall, McCann Worldwide, said, “This is a great initiative from LIA. So much culturally unique work is created every year around the world, and it’s really pleasing that different regions will be now recognised by the show. Can’t wait to see who ends up on top.”

Laura Gregory, Great Guns, London said, “I am excited that LIA has again added more value to recognising companies, agencies, production houses and more with the inclusion of creative excellence awards for individual regions. This new initiative will create opportunity and expose even more great work from around the world elevating our creative standards.  An award from LIA is more than a trophy; it is true recognition of creative and creativity performing on a global stage.”

Adrian Bosich, AIRBAG, Melbourne, said, “This is a fantastic, forward-thinking idea. LIA has combined the greatness and scale of a global award show with the ability to recognise outstanding work at a more local level. This, added to the fact that LIA already recognises production companies for every category (not just Film), makes LIA one of the most progressive advertising award shows out there.”

Robert Galluzzo, Finch, Sydney, added, “Winning LIA Regional Production Company of the Year will instantly put a company on the world map.”

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