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75% of Indian consumers prefer personalised ads: Adobe’s Digital Insights Report 2017

59 per cent consumers find digital ads more interesting and useful, 73 per cent think brands do a good job of showing them ads; 89 per cent of marketers felt they had underinvested in smartphone advertising in 2016

The Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) report on the Indian market has revealed that over 75 per cent of surveyed consumers prefer personalised advertisements, indicating the immense potential for marketers to deliver customised and engaging digital experiences. 63 per cent Indian consumers are comfortable with brands they use regularly using their personal data to customise website content, emails, and advertising; 59 per cent of Indian consumers find digital ads more interesting and useful than ads on TV and radio. 73 per cent of consumers think brands do a good job of showing them ads, 89 per cent of marketers felt that they had underinvested in smartphone advertising in 2016.

The report highlighted six key insights:

  • Indian consumers want personalisation
  • Mobile is increasingly the channel of choice for video
  • Consumers are mostly happy with marketers, but want more
  • Indian marketers know that mobile is the future
  • Programmatic is the path to the future
  • Marketers ask for more tech to meet consumers’ personalisation expectations
Mickey Mericle

Mickey Mericle, Vice-President, Marketing and Customer Insights, Adobe, highlighted these findings of the ADI report to reinforce India’s rapid digital transformation story and demonstrate how consumers’ increasingly online behaviour patterns are changing the dynamics of marketing in the country.

Mericle said, “Personalised experiences are key to winning customer confidence, and brands in India are strongly positioned to ride on this trend by leveraging the digital wave sweeping across the country. The ADI data clearly establishes that India’s vast millennial population is the most positive on the relevance of advertising they see today, and perhaps more appreciative of marketers’ efforts to drive relevance, as they started online in time when efforts were rudimentary and less effective. We see this boosting the confidence of marketers embracing digital strategies to drive businesses goals and deliver enhanced customer experiences.”

The report captures responses between February 1 - 17, 2017 from over 3,000 consumers and 300 marketers across India, South Korea and Australia concerning their views on digital advertising; with India having over a third of the respondents’ share.

Consumer specific findings

  • 63 per cent Indian consumers are comfortable with brands they use regularly using their personal data to customise website content, emails, and advertising.
  • Compared to markets such as Australia and South Korea, majority of Indian consumers believe that marketers today are usually respectful of their digital privacy.
  • Indian consumers say that the ads most likely to attract their attention are those focused on product benefits, indicating a maturing consumer landscape in the country.
  • Mobile devices are an important medium for Indian consumers to consume video content. Consumers say they spend an average of 34 per cent of their video viewing time on mobile, and that is 41 per cent for those 18-34.

Digital marketer specific findings:

  • In terms of advertising technology investment for 2017, optimisation is the area most likely to be rated as a high priority for Indian marketers.
  • In 2016, marketers felt that smartphone advertising was their most underinvested media spending. This stood at 89 per cent for the Indian market.
  • Most marketers in India expect their programmatic investment to increase in 2017.
  • When it comes to programmatic advertising, audience targeting is the most likely to benefit cited by digital marketers in India.
  • As far as concerns related to effectively targeting consumers with personalised ads, marketers cite technology limitations related to pulling the available data together for personalisation.
Kulmeet Bawa

“With its robust smartphone growth, internet proliferation, and tech savvy millennial population – the Indian market is uniquely positioned, and increasingly leading the way on digital adoption trends that are shaping the lives of consumers and marketers across the globe. Major brands in India across verticals, including retail, media and entertainment, BFSI and government are already demonstrating evolved digital strategies for effective customer engagement. We are seeing that marketers in India are ready to embrace the digital mind-set more than ever before, and acknowledge the significance of a solid digital marketing strategy towards delivering amazing customer experiences that drive real business impact,” said Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director, Adobe, South Asia.

Click here to view Adobe’s Digital Insights Report 2017


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